My love left me to go to battle. He led warriors from two elven realms to Helms Deep to honor the old alliance. He left me alone and pregnant, even knowing I saw his death. To be fair, he didn't want to leave us but...his duty came first with him; he was the March Warden of the Golden Wood and he was mine. We couldn't tolerate one another at the beginning, then things began to change and became complicated. I learned how to trust again. My curse, as I called it, was thought a gift by the elves. I was wary of them; I hadn't heard anything good about them BUT they accepted me, gave me a home. They saved my life–literally. Indiell was the first true friend I ever had in my whole 23 years, besides my family of course but they are all dead now because of me. Haldir taught me how love between a male and female was really suppose to be. I had never known that kind of love. Of course, I knew what happens between a man and woman; I had been raped enough for years. The love of my life was arrogant, insufferable yet loving, loyal and oh now my husband. I was angry at him for leaving me and I told him so. His death haunted me.

I also found out about my true parentage; the family I had ever known wasn't my real family but I still loved them and them me. I also found out that I'm not wholly human–yeah, I know right. The spirit of my mother, my real one, helped me save my love–though he was still seriously hurt. They were gone a very long time and a lot had died there at Rohan's fortress.

I wanted Haldir home for the birth of our children, yes children. I was carrying twins and guess what? Everyone knew, everyone except me–oh and Haldir's brother, that was so wrong. They were afraid I couldn't handle it because I didn't want anymore children...yes I said anymore. I was raped and tortured repeatedly for the two years I was held as a captive. I...I had two children from the rapes. My captors tortured me by torturing my firstborn and killed him. I had a daughter that I killed...I know, I know I am a murderess but to be fair I did it out of love for her. I didn't want her to go through what her brother did and I didn't deserve a second chance or these gifts, but, I got them anyway.

Back to my story, because of complications, Lady Galadriel sent for Lord Elrond. He was her son in law, the ruler of Imladris and a renowned healer. He delivered my twins. Haldir missed the birth of our son but he was there for our daughter's. I told him I hated him but I didn't mean it–I was tired and hurting. If anyone tells you birthing a child, let alone two is easy–they are hurts...A LOT! But, that was the most perfect day of my life; my love came home and our children were born–my life was perfect. Yeah right...only in my dreams!

Amazing what a person's mind will remember when exhausted as well as being deliriously happy