Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel as well as Elrond and Orophin were Saerian's constant companions while Haldir was gone. They helped with the elflings and keeping her busy so she wouldn't dwell on her mate's absence; it worked until the nights came and she was faced with a cold, lonely bed.

Indiell and Rumil would visit on occasion and would have her to dinner. Orophin was the next to go on patrol so they spent as much time together as they could. Five days later the group from Imladris arrived at the gates of Caras Galadhon. Saerian heard the commotion but elected to disregard it, she wasn't sure she was ready to meet her family and she was in no mood.

Haldir had decided to lead the group even though he knew it was unnecessary. He had to see Saerian and the twins–he missed them desperately. He knew it would be hard, however, he didn't realize how hard it would be. 'I hope she will be there to greet the travelers,' his mind whispered eagerly. 'I want to see the look of surprise on her face.'

When they had arrived, it looked like everyone else was there but not the one he wanted the most. Dismounting from their horses, several young ellyn came to tend to their four legged friends. Haldir, Glorfindel and Elrond's children approached the Lord and Lady of this elven realm. The March Warden dipped his head and placed his hand over his heart before his eyes searched the crowd; he looked anxiously at Lady Galadriel.

"They are fine penneth, go to them," the Lady said as she grinned at him.

"Hannon le my Lady," Haldir said and quickly ran to his talan.

The three Imladrian siblings stared after him before locking gazes with their father and grandparents.

"What was that all about?" Arwen asked in concern.

"Did something befall Orophin and Rumil?" the twins asked in unison.

"They are both fine," Elrond told his children smiling; they looked at one another in confusion. "To answer your question iell, that is why your presence was requested here," he added.

"Come penneths, lets go back to our talan and we will tell you everything," Galadriel told them.

Again the siblings looked at each other questioningly as they followed their father and grandparents; Glorfindel was in deep conversation with his Lord.

Haldir sprinted to his talan anxious to see his family before returning back to the border. The ellon slowed his pace wanting to surprise Saerian. He quietly entered the talan; not seeing his wife, he made his way to the bedchamber. He caught sight of her standing over their two sleeping babes, humming softly. It was a haunting tune, the sadness in the melody brought pictures to his mind of loneliness and despair.

Haldir slowly approached Saerian like a predator stalking its prey. Her body's stance showed signs of exhaustion. 'She is not sleeping enough,' his mind stated the obvious. As he came up, Haldir grabbed and spun her around; the sudden assault caused a yelp to issue from her sweet, pouty lips. When her eyes focused she grabbed her husband and attacked his mouth with hers. They finally pull away from one another, looked longingly into the others eyes.

"Am I dreaming?" she asked, almost inaudible.

"No meleth, not dreaming," Haldir answered in a whisper, desire flowing through his voice.

"Will you be staying?" Saerian inquired with hope in her voice.

"No A'maelamin. I escorted the Imladrian party here and I must leave again," the ellon replied with regret.

"I'm sorry meleth, I..." the young woman began, tears threatening to fall.

"Shh, I know as am I dithen cugu. Let us not waste what time we have together; I want you," her husband said huskily as he crushed her lips with his, demanding and coaxing response from her.

Their hands sought the others body; Haldir's hands gripped her hips and pulled her into his body; his wont crystal clear. They made love hard and fast, trying to quench the fire consuming them both; then slow and deliberate. They relished the feel of one another. When their lovemaking ended, they dressed and went to check on their little ones; they were still in sweet slumber. Haldir bent to place a kiss on the forehead of each child and ran his finger across their cheek. As he stood, he gathered Saerian into his arms and pulled her roughly to him again hungrily kissing her. Two dark haired elves ran in to the talan catching the occupants off guard.

"Unhand our niece March Warden!" one stated forcefully.

"You should have left for the border by now!" the other one stated just as forcefully.

Haldir growled at their interruption as he turned to face the two intruders. Saerian hid behind her mate, not sure she was ready for a family meeting just yet.

"You do not barge into someone's home like this; you knock before entering," Haldir snarled at them as he glared. The two ellyn laughed louder.

"Hush before you wake the little ones," Saerian grumbled at the two before her.

Lord Elrond and Arwen announce their arrival at the same time Saerian chastised her uncles.

"Amin mela lle hervess nin," Haldir told her softly, ignoring the interlopers. When he released Saerian, he turned to face the visitors once more.

"Mae govannen," Haldir stated. "If you will excuse me, I must be getting back to my post," the ellon added.

"About time," Elladan and Elrohir mumbled.

"Hannon le Haldir," Arwen said in her lilting voice, "for seeing us here."

"It was my pleasure Arwen; you have a nice visit," Haldir told her before he embraced his wife one more time and exited he called back "I will be back in two weeks lirimaer."

"Amin mela lle meleth nin," Saerian called back to him.

"Mae govannen daer adar," Saerian stated when they were alone.

Elrond kissed her forehead as he pulled her into his embrace. "Courage pen vuin," he whispered softly into her ear. "This is Arwen aunt and these two," Elrond motions towards his sons, "are your uncles, Elladan and Elrohir."

Each ellon bowed as they were introduced. Arwen walked up to the young woman and hugged her. "Welcome to our family Saerian, it is finally nice to have another female in the family," Arwen told her sincerely.

"Hannon le Arwen but there are two more not just one," Saerian chuckled nervously. When Arwen stepped back, the two ellyn stepped forward and hugged their niece all at one time.

"Yes welcome to our family penneth," they both say in unison.

Saerian tried to pull away from the twins however, their strength surpassed hers; their exuberance overwhelmed her.

"If that husband of yours becomes too over bearing, let us know and we will set him straight," Elladan informed her as his twin quickly agreed. Elrond just rolled his eyes at his sons and Arwen scowled at them.

"I seriously doubt that, he would be the one to set you straight," Saerian told them. "Besides, I can handle my arrogant husband myself," she added as the four visitors laughed.

Their laughter woke the babes so Saerian excused herself to go get them. 'It's as good a time as any to introduce the little ones to their new family,' she thought to herself. As she reentered the living area with her precious bundles, Elrond walked up and took Halcirion from his mother's arm. Saerian made her way over to Arwen, cooing to her daughter and offered the child to the young elleth. The two ellyn walked over to look at their great nephew and niece.

"Thank Iluvatar they do not look like their ada!" the twins chorused guffawing. Elrond looked disapprovingly at his sons but before he could say anything, Saerian firmly spoke first.

"You will not disrespect my husband and my children's father in our home or in front of us again! I would be dead if not for him and these two would not be here! You will hold your tongues from now on," the young woman berated them, her anger flaring to life.

"We meant no harm penneth, we were just joking," Elladan stated trying to placate her.

"Then I suggest it doesn't happen again," the woman told them vehemently. "There is tea made, would you like some?" Saerian offered once she put the older twins in their place.

"Hannon le daer iell, that would be nice," Elrond replied as they all sat.

Saerian moved to the cooking area and grabbed the mugs, pouring the fresh, mint brew into them. One of the twins came in to help carry the tray for her. She wasn't sure which one it was but she thought it was Elladan. When they all had their mug, Saerian sat next to Arwen as they all visited.

"How did you come to name your babes Saerian?" the elleth asked.

"Our daughter was named after my mother and our son was named after Haldir's father," the young woman answered proudly.

After awhile Elladan and Elrohir became bored and decided they would go find Haldir's brothers. "We are going to go find Orophin and Rumil; it has been too long since we have seen them," Elrohir stated happily.

"Orophin left yesterday for patrol and Rumil is probably with his wife," the young woman told her uncles.

The ellyn looked at one another in shocked horror. "Rumil is bound?" Elladan asked in disbelief.

"That cannot be! He would not do something so responsible," Elrohir added loudly. Elrond and Arwen smiled at the reactions of the two ellyn.

"He has and you will leave them be. They have not been bound long and need their privacy," Saerian warned them.

Elrond chuckled to himself amazed at how Saerian took control over the twins. 'Haldir is rubbing off on her already,' the Imladrian lord mused to himself.

"Let us go see our daer odrohn Elladan," his twin stated dejectedly.

"I see we may not have much fun this trip," Elladan pouted.

Arwen's laugh was a melodic sound to Saerian's ears. The elleth said with mirth, "Nay, you both will be causing mischief soon enough with or without your co-conspirators!"

The twins and Elrond excused themselves; Elrond handing Halcirion back to his mother. He kissed Saerian's forehead and they left the two females alone. Saerian fed the babes as it was their meal time and Arwen helped bathe and change the little ones before putting them down to sleep.

They had walked to the balcony to continue their visit when Indiell rushed in upset and screaming. "Arwen! Get your brothers to leave Rumil alone! They barged in about the time we started..." Indiell stopped, "that does not matter. I only have one more week before he goes on patrol and I will not have them monopolizing him. I am in no mood for their pranks!" the elleth stated flustered.

Arwen looked at Saerian and rolled her eyes. "Here we go. I told you it would not be long before they found mischief."

Saerian sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose in aggravation. "Calm down Indiell. Did you see which way they headed?" the young woman asked in exasperation.

"No," the young elleth stated. "I was not in a state of dress to try to follow," Indiell groaned. Both aunt and niece tried to contain their laughter.

"Try the bathing house, that was and is one of their favorite past times. They like to watch the ellith undress and eavesdrop," Arwen offered Saerian, annoyed with her brothers foolishness.

"Do you both mind to watch the babes for me then?" the woman asked the two ellith.

"That is fine, they will be safe with us," Indiell answered relieved.

As Saerian left the other females, she headed to the bathing house. Each step she took, her irritation at the ellyn grew. When she drew nearer, she heard Rumil arguing with her immature uncles. They were doing their best to convince him to watch the ellith with them like old times; he kept refusing.

"The only elleth I want to look upon is my wife," Rumil firmly told the twins.

"Come on Rumil, for old times sake let us have some fun," Elrohir pleaded trying to convice the Lorien warden.

"Why would you bind now? We all said we would never settle with all the flowers out there to be plucked," Elladan stated.

"I tired of the games and wanted more, especially after seeing Haldir and Saerian. Do you not grow tired of it all? Do you not ever want something more?" Rumil sincerely asked them.

"No!" the twins answered in unison.

When Saerian reached the three males, she glowered at them. "Rumil, Indiell is at my talan...go," Saerian told her brother in law.

She grabbed Elladan and Elrohir's ear and started pulling them back towards her home. "What do you think you were doing? Did I not tell you to leave Rumil alone right now? Saerian yelled at the two.

"Yes but we were bored and..." Elrohir began before being cut off.

"He is no longer a single ellon and your being bored doesn't give you the right to barge in and pull him out. You are not elflings anymore and if you want to act as such then expect to be treated like one," Saerian lectured her uncles.

Hearing the commotion, the elven lords and lady stepped out on the balcony and saw Saerian scolding the twins and pulling them along by the ears. Elrond turned to Celeborn and Galadriel.

"Does she not realize they are stronger than her?" he asked them with humor in his voice.

"Probably, but I think they are too shocked to realized it themselves," Galadriel answered him smiling.

"Those two have finally met their match," Lord Elrond stated and all three started laughing.

Catching her breath, Galadriel said, "So has Haldir, Elrond, so has Haldir."

When the two errant ellyn and one very upset female reached her talan, they walked in and Indiell just glared at the two.

"You owe Indiell and Rumil an apology and I think now would be as good a time as any," Saerian told them in no uncertain terms.

"But we..." Elladan began to say.

"Now!" Saerian forcefully demanded.

"We are sorry," Elladan mumbled unhappily.

"We just thought it would be funny; like old times Rumil," Elrohir stated trying to hide the smirk. "Like sneaking up on the ellith and taking their clothes. Remember how they would run around looking the them," he chuckled with mirth.

Rumil groaned at that admission as the three females stared at them like they would do the ellyn serious harm.

"Melamin that was a long time ago and I only have eyes for you. I swear your love has cured my wild ways," Rumil explained to his wife.

Elrohir started laughing, however he stopped suddenly when he heard ringing in his ears–Saerian slapped the back of his head. Everyone stood dumbfounded and waited for the ellon to let loose on his niece.

As his shock wore off, he started laughing. "Ok little one, I will stop, just do not hit me again," Elrohir told Saerian.

When the twins left, Elrohir was still rubbing the back of his head when Elladan grumbled at him. "I told you it was not a good idea Roh, but you would not listen to me," the twin told Elrohir.

"Well if it was not a good idea Dan, why did you go along with it?" Elrohir grumbled at his twin.

"Because we are twins and we do everything together," Elladan answered "besides, you never listen to me anyway."

"That is a great reason brother," Elrohir said sarcastically.

"Anyway, I wanted to see Rumil's face. Why should you have all the fun?" Elladan stated before he chuckled.

"What is so funny?" the youngest twin grunted.

"Well, we have learned one thing brother," the eldest said still chuckling.

"Oh and just what is that Dan?" Roh asked in annoyance.

"We know to stay away from trouble when Saerian is around," Dan remarked as his laughter rang loud and clear.

"You are telling me. Next time you can take the hit," Elrohir stated emphatically before he joined in with the laughter.

penneth–young one

Hannon le–thank you

adar–father of adulthood ada–father of childhood

daer odrohn–grandparents

daer naneth–grandmother

daer ada–grandfather



meleth–love (lover)

A'maelamin–my beloved

ellon–sing. male elf ellyn(plural)

dithen cugu–little dove

elleth–sing fem elf ellith (plural)

Amin mela lle hervess nin–I love you my wife

Mae govannen–well met

lirimaer–beautiful one

Amin mela lee meleth nin–I love you my love

Mae govannen daer adar–well met grandfather

pen vuin–dear one

daer iell–granddaughter

melamin–my love