This One Intent

Life is to living
as death is to dying
all from life to death
is but a path

It is all we have,
lent to us for
one purpose.

Our only goal, we forgot
we could be children of gods
from heaven or hell

But we carry a torch
the torch of knowledge
and our only goal
is to let it consume.

The flames burn bright
when we seek to understand.
that is why we carry it;
that is our goal.

We are the Kings and Queens
of intelligence and thought
but we threw away our subjects
as though they mattered not

Our lives we live for one purpose
the torch is our only gift -
Use It Well.

But darkness coats us
and we perish in the cold
no light to guide us
for we have forgotten.

The flames die out
darkness arrives
to carry us,
the unthinking,
to our graves.