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"Drasty? DRASTY! Where are you?" a lone voice called out over the forest, searching, but not finding. "Drasty?" the voice was obviously realizing the hopelessness of the situation. Drasty wouldn't be found that day, or for many years after…

Chapter One

"Urgh." groaned Shiroryuu. She was exhausted. Her father had forced her to take part in another of his gruelling training sessions.

"Get up! We haven't finished!" yelled her father. Shiroryuu grunted with the effort of getting up. It was clear as crystal that she couldn't go on. Her father, it seemed, thought otherwise. When Shiroryuu was well and truly up, she had to do more battling with her father. The battles were unequally matched. Shiroryuu knew that she had nothing on her father when it came to brute strength. Even when she tried to beat him with strategy, he would always know what her strategy was and instantly foil it. Today was no exception. Shiroryuu knew that it was hopeless battling with her father- she knew she wasn't getting any stronger. Suddenly, Shiroryuu felt a sharp pain in the side of her head. She hit the ground, her blood thumping in her ears. "So I've won again, have I?" said her father smugly. Shiroryuu didn't say a word. Her father laughed at how weak he thought she was and he flew off.

She lay there, thinking, trying not to succumb to the almost irresistible urge to fall asleep and never wake up. Soon it began to grow dark. As the moon rose, a plan formed in Shiroryuu's mind. She would fly away to Draron, never again to see her father. Since her mother died, her father had started thinking it was his duty to teach her all the 'necessary' battle moves. It was the worst thing he had ever done, and he had done quite a few bad things.

Shiroryuu also decided that same day that she would change her name to Shiro as she didn't want her father, or any other family members tracking her down. Satisfied with her plan, Shiro got up, ignoring the dizziness, and flew back to the cave. She felt her way through the dark tunnels and found her sleeping cavern. Bright torches lit up the room. She found her most prized possession, a small golden cube with a silver engraving on each side, and slipped the string that held it around her neck. Her father wouldn't be home yet. He's too busy picking fights with other dragons, thought Shiro. Then she made her way to the mouth of the cave. Certain that no one was watching, Shiro spread her wings and leapt off the rocky ledge she was on.

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