Hey, it's me again! I wrote this poem when I was thinking about meeting a love of my life. I mean, we all want to be loved by someone don't we? Well, I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for romance, so I guess that's why...

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Visionary Fate

We met for just a minute

On a rainy Friday night

You had the umbrella over my head

In this darkness, you were the light

I saw your eyes that captured the skies,

A bright and beautiful blue

And from that moment, we knew our fate

You were meant for me as I was for you

Our fate was intertwined,

As were our lives, our love, our dreams

We shared a vision that seen by many,

But not so easily achieved

We could see you kneeling on that day,

With a diamond right on my hand

You kissed me once, kissed me twice,

We didn't want it to end

Then we saw that bump on my belly

The doctor's joyful news.

It's a boy, it's a girl, we could hardly wait

To share with anyone we knew

Then we saw her,

With caramel eyes, her face so fair

Our perfect little girl

With sunshine in her hair

And finally a scene,

That was not easily shared,

We were on rocking chairs,

Rocking hand in hand

As we glanced at each other once more,

You held me and kissed my cheek

We knew our fates were tied

That we were ours to keep

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