Lucy wants to be more than a shadow

Verse: Occult Theory
Characters: Artemis Himmelreich, Lucy O'Neil, mentions Elliot Quirk, Imtiyaz "Bazzi" Fakhoury, Chunhua Li, Bartholomew Amidus Dunner aka Dune
Pairing: ArtemisxLucy, ElliotxArtemis, BazzixLucy
Rating: K

Lucy's P.O.V

I've always stood behind you; from the day I first met you up until now.

I've always relied on you, to protect me, to comfort me. I feed off of your magnificent strength like a dirty black leech. But you never swat me away, no matter how ravenously I feed.

I've always been proud to stand besides you, I've always felt better then any other girl at school because you made attention to me and not them.

I've always held special feelings for you, and even though you love Elliot and I love Bazzi, they've never gone away.

I've always wanted to protect you, like how you've always protected me. (That's why I'm so grateful to Miss Chunhua for teaching me to control my Chi and to Dune for being my companion.)

I'm attracted to you like a moth to a flame or an addict to his drug.

I'd do anything for you, whether you asked or not.

You're precious to me. You're my hero. (Even though you have an entire world full of people that say the same things. Can't I be just a little bit special?)

I know I'm not the best (or even good enough to stand besides you), but you've always taken care of me, and I'm thankful.

Artemis, I've always followed you around, I've always turned to you to bask in your presence and grow under your smile like a flower in a garden.

I'm your shadow. Dutiful and unshakable….

Can I stay with you? Now that I can fight on my own, will you consider me useful.

Now, can I be a little more then your shadow?