Kyros enjoyed the irony of his relationship with his Teacher.

Verse: Occult Theory
Characters: Artemis Himmelreich, Kyros Truth
Pairing: KyrosxArtemis
Rating: K

Seeing Artemis Himmelreich for the first time was like a religious experience.

Or at least that was how it felt for Kyros Truth. (How ironic, him being the son of the Demon King.)

The woman (though she only looked 19, twenty at the most) had been like a golden flaming angel of supremacy sent straight down from heaven, to exact justice on those who thought to cross the will of a God. (Sent to wipe clean his demonic soul, to put him out of his lonely misery.)

Because in that moment, her aura flared out so wide, so fiery and so golden but still so controlled, that the young boy found he couldn't think or speak or even dream in her presence, she was a God to Kyros, and she consumed every thing about in in a single glance. (The irony of his words actually tasted sweet on his lips.)

She was powerful. She was perfect. She was everything. (He wanted that. He wanted it all.)

So when he's offered the chance of salvation (power and security, control over his wayward wild powers) at her side (in that delicately boned but calloused hand), he gladly accepts it and he swears to bear the weight of the entire world forever on his shoulders. (It's a scary thought but she assures him that he'll do fine.)

Because Kyros' feelings toward his Teacher (his savior) went far past simple devotion, or unending gratitude or any kind of silly precarious crush (though he did find her beautiful and the demon inside of him growled with desire at the sight of her), it was downright religious.

And the irony of his feelings, of his situation, of everything about the dynamic between Artemis and himself, well it was God-sent.