"Leonidas, the rift won't hold for long," the warrior snarled, turning back to face the enroaching mob. Beside him, the tall man looked calmly over the sea of screaming death that lay below him. Thousands of people scrambled up the sheer cliff walls toward him, only to be pulled down by the mob behind them. Above them, the sky boiled red as the dying sun vented its fury at them. The tall man turned toward a vortex of energy hovering behind him. Several lucky people were already climbing through it. The man tossed his long black hair back, and turned to the gateway. "Come with me, Benvolio," he urged. "This reality is doomed, this entire realm of creation, but we can escape."

"I'm tired, Leonidas," Mercutio sighed, swinging his blazing sword into a charging man. "I've lived these three hundred and eighty years, fighting, killing, and pillaging. I just want rest. You may want to live longer, but I've had more than my fair time on this Earth."

"I will honor you in my memories, Benvolio," Leonidas told him, stepping closer. "I must go, but you will live on through me, forever." With those words, Leonidas turned to the shimmering vortex and stepped through it. As though it had been waiting for him, the gateway dissapeared in a shuddering flash, leaving Benvolio and the mob behind him stranded.

"Farewell, brother," Benvolio grunted, hefting his sword in salute. A shudder passed through the earth, and a wave of fire swept over the place, wiping it from existence.

Haley shot up in her bed, panting. The dream had come again. It was the same every time. The same people, the same place, and the same ending. Something about it left her with a sense of dread. She wasn't sure what, but whenever the dream came over her, it almost left her with a sense of loss, like she knew those people. But that was crazy. She'd never seen them before in her life. She turned back on her side and closed her eyes, calming herself back into sleep.

"Farewell, brother," Benvolio gave his salute, and once again turned to face the mob. Haley waited for the dream to end as it always did, but instead felt a tugging sensation in her belly. As the wave of fire swept the land, she was pulled beyond the world into a dense patch of mist. Next to her floated Leonidas, the regal man who had escaped the end. He turned to face her, his clear green eyes staring deep into her. Haley drew back, startled. He had never been able to see her before. He floated next to her and leaned down, slowly brushing a strand of her hair back. "I will soon enter your world," he growled in her ear. "You must save me, I will remember nothing."

"Save you?" Haley gasped, trying to pull away. His hands tightened into iron vices around her wrists. His clever face stared hungrily at her, his impish features reflecting malice. "You are the Awakener," he muttered. "Our enemies will sense my entrance into this reality. The only chance of survival we all have lies in your hands." His hands tightened around her wrists, exerting crushing pain for a second, before they relaxed. "Save me," he whispered, his noble features melting into a look of panic. "Before it's too late." He pressed something into Haley's hand, and turned around. "I'll se you soon," he whispered, and vanished into the mists surrounding them.