The year was 2008 in April. I don't remember the date though. It was my senior year and everyone was getting ready for state tests. There had been rumors days before of a student messing everything up but no one really said how. The teachers and staff did not worry and continued preparing for the tests. There had been many racism and cultural conflict in the school among my classmates the whole year. I was raised not to judge or ridicule a person based on those things. So naturally I stayed away from such things, as I did not agree with certain actions that were done against other students. I had all kinds of friends. White, black, hispanic, native american, asian, and european. I highly believed in treating people who deserve it with respect. I honestly could not understand what went wrong. On that particular day, I was sitting in my Latin class with about nineteen other students at around 12:00 pm.

Sitting at my desk, I could hear a whispered conversation. (Not using real names) Between a boy and girl.

" Cassie, did you know Daman is gonna bring a gun today ?"

" What ? Troy that's crazy talk."

" No, I'm serious damn it. He told me last night."

" Tell the teacher then Troy. You can't just not say anything. Someone could die."

" I'm not that brave Cassie. The boy has gone and lost his damn mind."

" Fine, but I will. This can not happen Troy."

I see her walk to the teacher's desk and ask to speak outside in the hall. The teacher agrees. Moments later, they come back in. The teacher speaks in a very serious but shaky voice.

" Everyone put down your pencils. No one panick but I have been informed there is a student in the school with a gun. Remain seated, no one will be permitted to leave."

Me and several other classmates gasp in fear. The teacher call the head principle. A couple of minutes later his voice speaks on the intercom.

" Attention all students. I have been informed of a weapon in the school. We are now on complete lockdown. All teachers lock your doors. I ask any student out in a bathroom

or hall come to the foyer ASAP. This is a serious matter. All classrooms on full lockdown till I say other wise. Thank you."

I gulped in fear. I knew if that student had a gun, I could be hurt or killed. My friends could be the same. Cops were at the school within minutes. Thirty minutes later, students were given permission to leave the rooms after cops had searched and "assumed" all was safe. Going into the lunch room, I got my food and sat down with my friends. Five minutes later,a friend grabs me up and pulls me out of the room.

" What the hell Melanie ? !"

" Nicole listen to me. I seen Damen in the hall. He looked angry. Go run into our next class together and stay there !"

Not knowing what else to do, I nod and run. I can hear the yelling. Telling everyone to leave the lunch room and go to their next class.

Within a couple of minutes I get to the room breathing hard and sweating. I take a seat along with following classmates. The teacher speaks.

" Stay calm guys. Your safe, and the door is locked. Your parents are being called as we speak. Talk quietly amongst yourselves please."

I turn to Melanie.

" Melanie, what the hell is going on here ?"

" Not sure. All I know is it has something to do with racism."

" All this because of bullying ?"

" I guess so Nicole. Are you scared ?"

" Yes I am. I just want to go home Melanie."

" Me too. I'm sure we will soon."

I eventually fall asleep on my desk. One hour later, the teacher announces we have been permitted to leave the school. I quickly grab my backpack and run out.

My dad is waiting on me. I hug him.

" Oh, baby. I'm so glad my little girl is safe."

" Me too dad."

" Let's go home Nicole."

I smile and get in his truck. This time I got lucky.