Welcome to the rewrite of Voices in the Dark! I didn't like how the old one was turning out so I'm fixing it. The chapters will be shorter but hopefully that will mean I can put it out story will eventually be slash, if you don't like slash don't read it, simple as that.

Mira was led into the building, trembling slightly in fear. Where were these demons taking him? Back to his father? He wouldn't doubt it, the man was probably looking for him. He'd ran away, something he'd never had the guts to do before. But he'd made one very bad mistake, and the stark white bandages on his wrist were a reminder of what he'd done when he'd woke up on the side of the road in the cold. He had a knife in his hand and was covered in blood, he didn't know who's. He'd tried to kill himself then, rid the world of one more freak they didn't need.

Luck hadn't been on his side, he'd been picked up by police on patrol. Doing their civil duty no doubt but it was the worst thing that could have happened. He didn't want to be given back to that man. He was on a few medications at the moment though, his thoughts were hazy and he was pretty sure he was a bit delusional. His mind was playing tricks on him, he knew that was the only reason for why he was surrounded by demons in white coats.

"Dr. Hikawa, Mira Himino is here." He watched as a brunette man looked up at him and smiled warmly, making him shrink back in fear.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you." His words made him sink back into that night, the friends his father had brought home, the strong stench of alcohol. "My name is Hiro Hikawa, if you would like to take a seat I'd like to talk with you for a few moments before we get you settled into your room." Mira sat shakily on the couch, glad it wasn't leather. It was actually a bit soft.

"What do you want from me? Are you going to give me back to him?" His voice was soft, a bit shaky.

"Who would him be Mira?" The man asked, his honey colored eyes peering at him as he took a few notes in his book.

"My father, he'll be furious that I ran." Mira mumbled the words; he didn't want to be taken back there. He kept on blacking out; he'd lose large chunks of memory. Like he was slowly losing his mind. And it was more than possible, why shouldn't he lose his mind when he sat in his bedroom day after day wondering when he'd black out again. Normally it was when doors started slamming, or his father's slurring voice telling him to be a good boy.

"And why did you run?" Mira shook his head, his short blond hair sway around his ears.

"I don't know, I can't remember anything. I tend to lose large portions of my day. Sometimes there will be notes with instructions from my father on them and water." Pills too, those were his own special stash though, Xanax that his old psychiatrist prescribed and painkillers.

"Notes with instructions?" He sounded perplexed, it confused me too though.

"Uh huh, I don't know who's writing them. I never recognize the handwriting, but it's always the same." He whispered nervously. Maybe his mother was trying to keep him safe but he didn't know how that made any sense.

"Mira, can you try something for me?" Mira nodded nervously, what did the doctor have in store. "I want you to close your eyes and think, think about what happened right before you blacked out." Mira sighed, closing his eyes and remembering. He'd been doing homework, a short story for creative writing when his mother told him to go down to the basement. He hated the basement, the majority of his black outs happened down there. He sat down there on the couch, reading, waiting for what he knew was coming. His father's ritual was a sick thing but he dealt with it, nearly every night. "What's happening?"

"I was in the basement, reading, and waiting for my father like I do nearly every night."

"Why do you wait for him?" Mira shook his head, turning his head down.

"Because, I have to. If I don't he'll hurt me worse. I have to do as they say."

"They?" The question made me nod, nearly shaking in disgust.

"Mother, she sends me to the basement when he's almost home. She doesn't want to have to deal with him." They both hated him, they made that much obvious. He had only one use, when high school was over he was going to leave and never have to go back there. It wasn't like he was stupid, he was working on a scholarship and right now he had a 4.0 and was in very good showing for getting it.

"What does he do to you Mira?" Mira shivered.

"He used to rape me, I think he still does. But now I black out whenever the door slams, it started the first time he brought a friend over and warned me he liked it rough." Mira wrapped his arms around himself, he didn't understand it.

"And what happened before you blacked out yesterday?" He asked, still taking notes in his pad.

"He brought two of his friends over; he told me that they wouldn't hurt me. If I behaved. I blacked out though; when I woke up I was on a street at least a mile from my house, covered in blood with a knife in my hand. The police who found me assumed it was my own because of…" He motioned towards his wrists, the bandages that coated them. He'd been scared on the side of the street; he had thought it had made perfect sense for him to kill himself.

"And that's all?" Mira nodded before someone knocked on the door.

"I have the notes from Mr. Himino's last psychiatrist." The woman set a file on the man's desk and smiled at Mira before leaving the room once again.

"So, what's going to happen to me?" He asked quietly, wondering if he would be sent home.

"Well, this is a residential treatment facility. They'll most likely start an investigation soon; you'll stay here until my reports give you a clean bill of health to be released."

"Will I have to go home to them after?" The man looked at him, that didn't make him feel better.

"It depends; they'll most likely release you into foster care rather than that of your father." Mira looked at the ground; his life was taking a pretty awkward turn for the worst.

"Then, why help me out at all? Wouldn't it be better to leave me to die?" Unless he had died and was hallucinating or maybe this was hell, and they wanted to trick him. Everyone in the beginning had been demons. They all looked normal now; maybe this was to trick him. To fool him into a false sense of security.

"No, Mira. I'm going to explain to you how things work here, specific to you at least. Every morning you'll eat breakfast with everyone else, then comes meds unless you're on something that needs to be taken before meals. You're given an hour of spare time before classes, you will be taken to the commons where you can be with everyone else, you are not allowed to leave without an escort. An attendant must know where you are at all times. You'll meet with me every day after lunch, which is after classes. From there is a mix of free time and some days there's other classes, they'll take age groups out to the playground for what they consider to be PE." Mira blinked, this did sound more like a school than therapy. "And lights out at nine, if there's an emergency they'll do a lock down."

"Lock down?" He asked, his blond hair hanging in his face.

"If a patient acts violently, or anything of that nature they put everyone in their room. You're roommate during your stay here is going to be Akio. You of course can have a phone call before we take you to your room, you'll spend the night there and tomorrow be allowed out. Before that call I need your shoe laces or shoes, and for you to take out your rings." Mira blinked before nodding. He unlaced the shoes, they didn't need them to stay on anyway, that were pretty torn up. He started pulling out his ear rings, he had seven in either ear which was a pain in the ass to take out. After getting rid of his lip rings he handed them over, pouting a bit.

"Will I get those back?" The man blinked before nodding.

"Of course, eventually, right now you are a level zero. Suicide watch, you'll stay here for a minimum of a week or longer if you don't meet standards. There's six levels, zero not included. With each one you gain a bit more freedom. You'll get these back before you leave." Mira nodded, he could deal with that.

"I am going to review your old psychiatrists file and tomorrow after lunch we'll see what we can do." Mira nodded gently as the man handed him a phone. He took it and called his best friend, he doubted his mother would do anything extra for him.

"Shiori? I um, can you bring me some stuff? I need clothes, and a few notebooks with no spirals." He looked at the list he was given. "And some pencils." He nodded a few times as he listened to the other began to freak out. He'd guessed that one fast. "Visiting hours are over so um, tomorrow?" The other spoke some more, promising all kinds of stuff. Mainly lunch when he brought the stuff. When he hung the phone up he almost smiled, Shiori had been his best friend for years.

"Okay, let's get you back to your room. I don't know if your roommate will be back yet." Mira shrugged, he was exhausted, he wanted a nap, his mind seemed a bit clearer after getting to talk to Shiori. He stood when the other did and followed him from the room. "Your room is in the green hall, it's room 105. These lines go to different places. Yellow is the cafeteria, purple is the commons, orange is the classrooms, blue, pink, green, and red are all rooms." He said as he followed the green line with a smile. Mira nodded, he could at least remember how to get around that way. "And here you are, Akio will take you to breakfast in the morning." Mira nodded before walking in, he was assuming the side of the room with stuff would be his roommates. He crawled into the bed on the left and curled up under the blankets, at least it was more comfortable than the hospital.

And it's quite a bit shorter than then other draft but I have a reason for that! Anyway, I'm planning for this to be a lot different than the original. I have massively changed my opinions on how this should turn out. I hope everyone enjoys the rewrite, as the original will be taken down within a week of this going up.