Short and it's more of a filler… anyway I got some big things planned. You also get it a day and a few hours early because I won't have time to post it on Friday, in fact I'm hoping the next chapter comes out on time but if not my bad… I still love my readers :)

Mira looked up when Dr. Hikawa came into the room. "Mira, Satoshi told me it was urgent?" Mira bit his lip, staring at the floor for a minute before nodding.

"Every time I fell asleep… I had another dream. They're… in the book." He nodded to his notebook, it was opened the page already. The man picked it up out of the chair and sat down, reading over the page before looking at him. "I… in the last one I dreamed I was being cut and well I found out it was something that had actually happened. I didn't know about it but Satoshi said it was really infected and apparently happened within the last couple of weeks." He bit his lip, he hated this.

"Satoshi was telling me something about night terrors as well. And none of this started until last night?" Mira shook his head gently. "It may be because of the medications."

"I want it to stop." Mira sniffled, tears slipping down his cheeks. He didn't want to have to remember any of this. He'd missed his memory before; the large chunks of missing time had really bothered him. Of course now that he was remembering stuff he was scared of what the rest of it could have been like.

"I can take you off the meds if you really like but then you'll continue to have blackouts." Mira sniffled; he could possibly deal with this for a little while. He didn't want to black out anymore, but he didn't want to wake up every night scared.

"I hate this." He didn't need to sleep right? He would just stay awake.

"I'm sorry, aside from that are you feeling any better?" Mira nodded, not quite as sick anymore. Of course there was nothing left in his stomach to throw up.

"Yeah, sorry to keep you." The man stood, shaking his head.

"Don't worry about it, I was sleeping." He winked before walking from the room. "Oh and Mira, I'll be back in time for your appointment." Mira nodded before sighing, he was too scared to think heavily on it. Had his life been that shitty? Because that was even worse than he imagined. He'd never heard such vulgar language from his own lips honestly. Of course he didn't know if that was real either. He sighed, this was so annoying. He fell back against the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling as he frowned.

It was barely an hour later that Satoshi brought a tray in to him. "I brought you some toast, and water. It's a test to see if you can keep anything down." Mira nodded, sitting up and sighing.

"Thank you." He took the tray and sat it on his lap before nibbling on the toast. He was happy when it didn't automatically come back up as he'd half expected it too.

"Are you feeling okay then? I can get you more if you need it, not to worry." The man smiled at him, making Mira nod gently.

"This is fine." He said as he finished the first half of his toast and took a drink of water. "Thank you though." He mumbled as he capped the bottled water and picked up the toast again.

"Oh don't even mention it, you need to eat. You'll never get out of my office if you don't." Satoshi smiled at him before heading out to the room. Mira sighed as he continued nibbling on his food; at least toast wouldn't sit too heavily on his stomach. "When you finish eating you have a visitor!" He blinked at the call before nodding and eating a bit faster. He was a little curious as to what kind of visitor he'd have at this hour.

"I'm done." It took him ten minutes to eat two pieces of toast; he didn't like it too much still. He took a sip of water to swallow the bite before looking when his door was opened and Dr. Hashida came in with his puppy. Mira's eyes widened happily as the dog jumped up on the bed, sniffing him curiously.

"Bad Hades, have I taught you nothing about jumping on things." Mira smiled, letting the dog sniff him before petting his head gently. He didn't notice the three people looking in on him before the door was opened by a very overexcited Akio.

"Oh my gosh Mira you haven't smiled like that in so long!" The boy grinned, or well he'd never seen him smile like that he was pretty sure. Satoshi grinned from where he was standing by the door; his psychiatrist was standing there as well.

"Of course you got us caught." Satoshi pouted before grinning, it didn't take much to get Hades in here, everyone loved him but he couldn't be in the cafeteria or around anyone who was allergic to dogs.

"I just wanted to see how Mira interacted with the animal." Dr. Hikawa spoke before walking from the room, smiling a it. He thought it was pretty amazing how he cheered right up when the puppy came in. Unless his personality had shifted again. He watched for a moment more, hoping that hadn't been the case. He wasn't overly excited like the personality that called himself Daisuke, so he didn't think that was the case. Maybe that meant the medicine was working. He nodded before walking off; he had to prepare for his appointments.

The dog was rather adorable. He always wanted to have a pet so this made him happy. He scratched behind the dogs ears, loving how he pushed his head against his hand, like he was asking for more attention. "He's so cute." Mira spoke quietly, he was happy.

The man had left within an hour, leaving him with Akio. The boy smiled at him. "I need to get off to class; I'll come and bring your school work when I get out." He nodded gently, letting the other hug him before he skipped off, making him smile gently. He laid back on the bed, he was feeling oddly nauseous. Either way he had three hours before Akio came back. He was staring to hate being alone.

Like I said, short filler-tastic. But I have big things coming and hopefully more exciting so there's something to look forward to!