Raven tilted her head curiously upon her branch. Today there was something laying on the roots of her tree. It was an odd long black object that she had never seen before, it was shiny. Very shiny. The bird flew down closer for a better look, Raven took caustious hops over, bending and craning her neck this way and that to fully inspect the treasure. Stepping on the black object it moved. Gravity sliding the now broken object apart. Raven flew back to her branch startled, than she caught the light glimmering off the surface of silver. Raven debated weather or not to go back to the strange thing laying beneath her tree. Huffing the black bird decided to move closer again, this time a bit more wary. Steadily she curiously stepped onto the silver part of what looked like an odd fancy broken branch of sorts. The bird was about to peck at the silver part when pain cut into her talons sending her flying. The object had hurt her. Raven glowered at the trivial thing before flying off, maybe when she came back it would be gone? The thing was not gone, in fact it was still in it's same position. Raven glared at the strange thing, she didn't like this new object invading her tree and hurting her, but it was very pretty and shiny, and she couldn't deny she wanted to take the object into her tree and hide it there with her other treasures. Every day or so Raven would stare down at the object that would not move, would not leave and Raven would glower, still sore over her wound and glaring at her blood upon the silver. Raven was determind to pretend the object did not exist. It became difficult though as her friends came around her tree, the sparrows and swallows even the hummingbird came to her branch. The sparrow looked down at the strange thing sitting at the base of Raven's tree. Sparrow and Swallow teased Raven about the odd thing but Raven ignored them and threatened them that she would peck out there eyes if they didn't stop. So the birds chit and chattered until mid day where Sparrow and Swallow planned on flying about the near by village. Hummingbird stayed though and asked Raven if she wanted to come with her to see the other birds of the forest. Raven sat a moment looking down at the object, it wasn't going anywhere, and sitting here wouldn't make it leave any faster. Raven chirped a yes and they flew off. Upon Raven's departure she found that the strange thing at her home was a sword the villagers carried, it was called a Katana. Raven disliked the Katana and she had a feeling that the Katana did not like her either. Days passed, then weeks that turned to months which brought the seasons with them. Raven ignored the Katana and soon the weapon was just part of the floor. It never moved and Raven didn't bother trying to move it either. It rained, hard. Raven sat on her branch and looked down at the sword, it was still the same as it had been the day she had found it invading her home. Her blood was no longer upon it's blade, the rain washing it all away. The bird watched as the rain hit the sheath and handle of the Katana. She stared until dawn came and the onslaught of water stopped to a drizzle. Slowly Raven swooped down to the Katana, it had been many seasons that the Katana had been there, invading her home, though she supposed it was just part of her home now, it had been here for so long although she had never taken it into her tree where she kept all her possesions. Steady steps forward Raven examined the damp Katana, it had never changed, while Raven had grown, she was changing just as the seasons did. Clasping the handle with in her talons Raven decided she might just take the Katana home to the village. It was hard to lift the object, it was heavy and seemed to want to stay where it was. Raven heaved and batted her wings though and eventually lifted the sword up, dopping it slightly to let it slide back into it's sheath. Grabbing hold of some fabric that must have been what the people in the village used to carry the Katana, she carried the sword. Flapping her wings she flew slowly through the trees, it was weird, getting rid of the object after so long of it just sitting there, even though she had never interacted much with the weapon, it was still there. Raven slowed to a stop on a branch and looked down at the Katana. It was cold she noticed, the sheath, the blade they were both cold and hard, it never moved, it was an object, it couldn't move. But it did, Raven saw it move, the leaves moved, even the trees. Her tree moved with the wind. The Katana had shown her it's blade, it had opened up. Sighing Raven turned back, she supposed she could keep the Katana at her tree, upon the roots until someone came to take it away. Raven flew Carelessly through the forest, low to the ground, much lower than she usually did seeing as the Katana weighed her down, Raven heard the low rumble before she saw the snapping jaws in front of her beak. She screeched out seeing the feline jumping up and swiping it's paw for her nearly clipping her wing. The Katana's sheath fell in the jostle and as the feline reached out for it's prey the silver blade collided with it's flesh, claws sliding down it's body creating it's own uncomfortable screeching sound. Raven panicked trying to tug the Katana up with her but was dragged down by the feline clinging to the weapon playing a losing tug of war the Raven fell victim to, her wing snapped as the lynx landed back on all fours crushing her with it's big paws. Just as the feline took a dive for it food a sickening squelching sound of flesh being torn apart interrupted, the lynx falling slump ontop of the frightened bird. Flittering out of range Raven looked upon the animmal with barely veiled fear. It was still propped up oddly and then Raven spotted the now red blade sticking out of it's back. The bird flitted around the now dead animal. Raven wasn't sure what to do, the Katana was stuck and Raven could no longer fly, her wing broken. Raven cried out for help and as the the hours passed Swallow came and helped to retrieve the Katana from under the beast. He had pecked and pushed until it fell over, both tugged and pulled and slowly the Katana slid out Swallow helped Raven return to her tree safely with her Katana. The fabric hung on her branch. Raven sighed as she looked down at the Katana hanging beside her, it's once pretty blade now marring three jagged lines engraved into it. The blood was gone, Raven looked at her wing, it had healed as the seasons came and went and although she couldn't fly as well or high as she did, she now had the Katana to acompany her, she carried the Katana and the Katana proved itself useful for whatever Raven needed it for. Hummingbird sat next to Raven a chattered until mid-day, Sparrow and Swallow flew by on there way to the village, and when Hummingbird asked if Raven wanted to come with her to see the other birds in the forest Raven said yes and carried the Katana with her.