Chapter Twenty One - Real Face

About ten minutes had passed since the car took off. Yuen can only grind his teeth in silence for the situation he finds himself in. Yuen wants to run, but doing any form of unusual action will cause more suspicious to be casted his way. This is why he keeps his face concealed from the other two people by staring out the window.

To his side is Rylie, sitting quietly and staring at his fumbling fingers, and to the front is the driver who he cannot see from his perspective, but it is obvious that the driver is not the talkative type.

Rylie glances at Yuen momentarily, wanting to say something, but quickly retreats back to playing with her fingers like a little kid unsure of themselves.

Yuen snorts and stares out the window, trying to ignore the reflection of Rylie taking a peek of him every few seconds.

Outside is the view of the ocean that boarder the two cities. It is vast and seemingly endless for Yuen. For a brief moment, Yuen wishes he can go swimming in the ocean and disappear within the depths of the ocean only to be rebirth in a new life. Maybe then he would finally have a life, but his senses come back to reality upon hearing Rylie's voice.

"Back when I was a kid, I was taught that every life is precious and no matter what happens, you must do everything you can to protect that life. It does not matter if it's a stranger, a friend, or that special person; you fight to protect them from any harm. Even with their last breath, that is what they told me."

Yuen glances to his side. Rylie has his body closely held together as he looks back at him with his cat eyes.

"Final?" Yuen mutters, actually trying his best to be caring.

"I'm glad you're interested. It wouldn't feel right if you didn't want to listen to me express myself." Rylie says, weakly laughing but with a frown. "But you heard correctly. My parents passed away when I was still young. They gave up their life, shielding me from those monsters, but even at the face of death, they protected what they valued most."


"You don't have to feel sorry for me. My parents did not regret the choice they made so I won't either. Because of them, I have a life where I can practice what my parents taught me. I will protect everyone from the dangers of this world."

"…So why are you telling me this?"

"I learned that to heal a wound, it's best to tell other people who went through similar things as they understand the pain as well," Rylie answers Yuen's question with brimming resolve.

"Make sense, but I don't share that experience. I wouldn't know how it feels."

"Your words might say that, but your eyes tell a different story."

Rylie leans closer towards Yuen, staring at his eyes intensely.

"You have been though a lot yourself. You see things that you want to forget. People you care for have vanished before your eyes."

Yuen breaks eye contact with Rylie and stares out the window again.

"…What does this have to do with me being taken to the police station?"

"Not much, but I hoped you would have wanted to connect," Rylie slumps back to the seat. "I brought it up because I wanted to ask you a question. You don't have to answer it, but I hope you will. I don't really like talking to myself."

There is silence between them. The car makes a sharp turn and climbs a hill.

Rylie fiddles around with her fingers, looking at the scenery, but then goes on with the conversation.

"It seems like you're quiet type Yuen."

Yuen clicks his tongue as he barks out, "and you're not like the feminine boy I met."

"You think I act feminine?" Rylie is seems rather surprised, but he accepts it. "I guess I do act a bit like that to a boy who doesn't understand, but, when I work, I have to be tough or else I wouldn't be able to do my job at all. I would just be kid running aimlessly helping people. And those types of kids are very annoying, in my opinion."

Yuen groans as his mind is instantly reminded of Ikaris.

"That's something I could agree with, but go ahead and ask your question if it means so much for you."

Rylie claps both hands together and smiles.

"So you agree to give me an answer."

"I never said that. I'm going to hear the question and depending how I feel, I might give you an answer. I do have my right to be silent if I choose."

"Not the best case, but at least you'll hear me out. Well then, my question is, do you value your life over the lives of others."

After a few seconds of silence, Yuen replies.

"…That's a weird question to ask a person."

"Maybe, but it's something I'm just curiosity. As I said earlier, you don't have to answer it if you don't want to."

"Even if I did want to, I wouldn't know what to say. Of course I value my own life, but to say I would I value it over the lives of other is a different story."

"Maybe," Rylie mutters, "but I believe people can determine how one view the lives of other based on their actions alone. If a person values of those around them more than themselves, then surely they will do what they can to protect those other people. But to say that if one values the lives of oneself over the other, could you not say that it is possible that person does not value the life itself and will only think of oneself interest."

Yuen glares at the officer.

"…What are you getting at?"

"Well, I was just trying to put the pieces together. That's all."

"What do you mean 'put the pieces together'? Are you suggesting something or are you just trying to figure me out?"

"It's obvious that I'm trying to understand you better since you are somewhat of a mystery to me. I might be new here, but it wasn't hard to hear about a boy who left the city for an entire month. So many people were gossiping over that topic that it sparked my interested. So my next question is, where did you go for that month, Yuen?"

"I went to see my parents. Is there something wrong with that?"

"I do actually have a problem with that answer Yuen," Rylie answers, her tone becoming cold instantly. "You shouldn't lie. Lying can get you in trouble."

"How can you be sure that I'm lying?"

"Because I believe I know the truth. You left the city for a month because you wanted to capture a certain person and to use her as leverage against Out-force. You left and chased after that person, but luck had it that she came here. You found that person, but she left you because the unborn appeared on the bridge. That is what happened and that is why you don't want to help us with finding her. Because you know her true identity."

Yuen's eyes become eye shot.

"… Who the heck are-"

Yuen is unable to finish his sentence. Something strikes his shoulders and legs, nailing him to the seat. Yuen glances at Rylie and the driver, but neither of them looked suspicious and there is no one else in the car. It is clear that someone's ability is restraining him.

"You must have realized that your actions will have consequences. The life of a person is precious and when a person is willing to kill without any hesitation, I will not let it go unpunished," Rylie states coldly.

Rylie reaches in a bag resting on the floor and pulls out a gun. He sets the tip of the cold steel gun on Yuen's sweaty forehead.

"Don't you remember how you killed people. You killed them as if they were nothing more than animals. But that is completely wrong. They were people with loves one of their own, kids that will never get to their parent anymore because of what you did. They did nothing wrong to deserve what you gave them. They were just doing their job to protect everyone else, but did you care about the lives you ruined?"

Rylie presses the gun against Yuen with his finger inching closer to the trigger. Rylie's face cringes while hesitating to pull the trigger.

"It would bring me the greatest delight to see your life end here and now, but I won't kill you. I'm not a murderer like you. I value the life of others and I wish to see you go through justice. Your death alone will not bring that. Just sleep tight Yuen. There's nothing more for you to do."

Rylie pistol whips Yuen's temple, knocking him unconscious.