Chapter 1

The music blasts from the speakers. I smiled as I look in the rear view. Alexa Nichols was in the back, sleeping. She had a killer headache from drinking last night, but that didn't stop me from turning up the music and running along the lines on the side of the road to vibrate the car. She was the pretty one I guess is how to explain her. We had been friends since year 6 and we were partnered to do an assignment. Her brunette hair covered her flawless face. The beach served her well, she had an amazing glowing tan, although she was already naturally darker than the rest of us. In the passenger seat sat little Gabriella Whitehead, or Gabby. Not that she was very little, in fact I was the shortest. Gabby was just the innocent one, Alexa and I saved her from the 'popular' girls. She taps along to the music, her brown-red hair blew in the wind.

"Brooke, won't this music give Alexa a headache?"

I smiled, "it's her fault for getting smashed last night."

We were heading home after our week of freedom. Leavers. We had finished year 12, our final year of school, and we hit the road for Albany. We spent the day's sleeping, shopping and eating, while we spent the night partying. Though, Alexa was the only one who drank. Gabby is to innocent to even consider drinking, and my brother, Nick Jacobs, almost made me sign a legal document saying I wouldn't drink on leavers.

"It was nice of your brother to let us use his car," says Gabby.

I smiled, "Only because mine's a piece of rubbish, it probably wouldn't have made it down there."

It was true, Nick could afford a new blue Ford Ranger, while I had to put up with an old beat up red Mazda 323 which desperately needed a service, if I could afford that then it would run perfectly fine, but in my current situation I have to put up with barely reaching 100km\h.

After dropping off the others I turn into our driveway at the end of our cul de sac in a suburb in Perth. It was a nice little flat/unit type house. It was little, two and a half bedrooms, one bathroom and a small courtyard out back. I say a half a bedroom because I don't know if much more than a bed would fit in it. Nick and I have lived alone since I was in year 10, when Nick moved out of home I went with him. I do love my parents to death, but, I find living with them a challenge. I beep the horn long and loud.

I struggle with my bags as I kick open the front door.

"Wanna help me or something?" I yelled through the halls.

"How was it?" Nick called back.

"Was good fun, Alexa was almost dead on the ride back."

I throw my bags into my room, cream walls, grey carpet, photographs, posters, drawings, and sticky notes were stuck everywhere.

"You'll be happy to know I didn't drink, even though I'm almost 18, I didn't take any drugs and I'm still a virgin," I called walking down the hall to the main living area.

I smiled, remembering the massive lecture Nick gave me before I left. I guess it wasn't completely irrational since dodgy stuff does happen during leavers. A couple guys smashed the heck out of each other one night. I walked into the main living area expecting to see my brother, instead I find some random guy sitting on a laptop scrolling what looked like facebook.

"That's nice to know," he smirks turning around.

I tilt my head, "you are?"

"Noah," he replied before turning back to his laptop.

"Huh," I bite my lip before turning around and leaving.

I walk to the foyer and come face to face with Nick who was carrying an esky. I push him out of the house and close the door.

"Who's the guy?"

"Huh? Oh that's Noah, Joe's brother. Excuse me lil sis."

I don't move, "What is Joe's brother doing in my house?"

He laughs, "When you pay rent, then it will be your house. He needed to move closer for uni, Joe only has a one bedroom studio."

He shoves me out of the way. I stand in the door way, arms crossed for a second before walking in and closing the door. I follow Nick into the living area and jump up on the bench next to the oven.

"Noah, do you remember my sister Brooklyn?"

"Brooke," I correct, I really hate it when my brother does that.

"Whatever," he ruffles my hair.

Noah looks up and smiles a half smile, "nice train tracks."

My lips become a thin line, I hate braces, and I hate it when people make fun of them even more. I frown and glare at him. He just shrugs it off and continues to type. I guess when my teeth are perfectly straight they'll all be jealous. I smile at myself, yeah right.

"So what were you yelling about before?" asks Nick.

I frown, deaf as anything my brother is, probably a combination of loud tractors we rode in as kids and all the parties he goes to.

"Doesn't matter," I sigh.

"It was something about drinking, drugs and sex," says Noah.

I glare at him.

"Brooklyn Lee Jacobs. I thought we had an agreement," growls Nick.

"Keep your pants on. I said that I didn't drink, didn't take drugs and I am still a virgin. Geez have much faith in me bro?"

He studies me for a second before pulling out some leftover food we took down to Albany.

"So, Noah?"

"Mmm," he replies not looking up from his laptop.

"What ya doin' here?"

"Being harassed by an annoying 12-year-old."

"I'm eighteen in January."


I cross my arms in frustration. Nick smiles at me so I poke my tongue out at him, I can feel my maturity level dropping the more frustrated I get, but I really don't care. I only hope that this jerk doesn't stay long.

"How long will it be before Gabs and Alexa come around?" asks Nick.

I shrug, "Probably a day or two knowing them."

"Yay, more juveniles," mutters Noah.

"Oh will you just shut up!" I yell storming out of the room.

Noah's point of view:

Brooke stomps out of the room, after a slamming door loud music almost shakes the walls of the small house.

"Sorry about her," apologises Nick.

I did feel a little guilty for stirring her up, but not enough for me to cease doing it in the future.

"It's fine mate."

"I'm going to head out to get some things, need anything?"

"Nah, I'm fine."

The sound of the front door closing was barely audible over the music. I sit there and scroll through my laptop before I hear a door open and close again. I hear Brooke sigh as she walks into the family room area of the living area.

"Where's Nick?" she asks.

"Went out."

She's flicking through channels, and the loud obnoxious voices are starting to get annoying. A knock at the door sounds. I see her walk out of the room. Loud greeting and a scream cause me to get up and check who it is. Nick may kill me if his sister is abducted, though really, from what I can see, it would be a load off his shoulders. I walk through the hall towards the foyer where I get a lovely view of Brooke's bum. I almost panic before I realise my older brother Joe is the one who flung her over his shoulder.

"I missed you Brookie."

"Let go," she laughs.

"Hey man," I say as Joe walks through the hall.

He was a little bigger then I am, and significantly bigger then Brooke. I close my laptop and turn to face him as he throws Brooke onto the couch before digging his fingers into her sides.

"Joe! Stop," she screams.

She somehow manages to wrestle her way around him, and temporarily pin him to the ground before he flips her over. I raise my eyebrows, this was a strange greeting, actually the whole relationship seemed strange, maybe Joe had a secret girlfriend I didn't know about? Joe sat on top of her, it was awkward to watch since he was straddling her, using his own hands to pin her arms to the ground. When a large ball of saliva threatens to fall on her face she screams. Maybe not.


He smiles, "I missed you so much Brookie bear."

She laughs as he blows raspberries on her neck. He gets off and turns to me, I raise my eye brows and he winks.

Brooke's point of view:

It must have looked dodgy Joe blowing raspberries at me, but that's what we do. We flirt, wrestle and drive each other insane. Joe's been Nick's best friend since before I can remember. They were always playing cricket or aussie rules back at the farm. I sit up and he pushes me back down.

"I missed you to Joe."

"You would have broken my heart if you didn't," he says dramatically going to the fridge for a beer.

I sit on a stool one over from Noah.

"Done talking to your girlfriend?" I tease, he gives me a cold glare but I couldn't care less.

I cross my arms on the bench and place my head on them. I do think I remember Noah from back home. I didn't know him well though, I would usually tag along with Joe and Nick, even though they were about four years older. I don't think I saw Noah very often, in saying that my memory is shocking. I forgot most of it before I moved.

"Have you been back home recently?" I ask Joe looking up at him.

He shakes his head, he had just finished university last year studying Journalism. He's always been good with words, but it surprised me he didn't do something like Agriculture and take over the William's farm.

"You going to head up there this summer?" he asks me cautiously.

"I might visit Aunty Darcie, and Mum and I planned a breakfast for my birthday," I say, avoiding the topic of my father.

He nods, studying me, probably trying to work out what was going on in my head. He knows me pretty well and I can't really lie to him, so I just avoid subjects, which works for the most part.

"Anyway, I came over to see if you guys wanna come to a party tonight."

I groan, not really meaning to out loud.

"I'm good bro," says Noah.

"How about you Brookie?"

"I'm all partied out from this week. Plus, Nick would go spastic if I went along to another one of your parties," I tease.

He rolls his eyes, "I slip up one time and he gets all defensive about it."

"What happened?" asks Noah.

I look over to him, eyebrows raised, he wasn't mocking me.

"You're stupid brother got heaps wasted and smashed some guy who was flirting with me."

"I'm not stupid," says Joe, slightly hurt.

"Yeah you are, that guy was hot as."

"He was also a complete tosser!" says Joe starting to get frustrated.

"Whatever," I mumble before putting my head back down on my arms.

I feel the guys walk past me and leave the room, so I close my eyes and let myself fall asleep.

I wake up and it's dark outside. I blink down hard several times, trying to moisten my eyes and reposition my contacts. Gosh I'm stupid for sleeping with my contacts in. I'm usually really paranoid about them falling into the back of my skull, but I was so tired I didn't even think. I yawn and turn around. Noah is sitting on the couch watching some kind of game show.

"Where Nick?" I ask tiredly.

"Party," he replies simply.

I stretch and decide to go have a shower. A long drive up has me feeling really grotty. I have a shower and dress in Mr. Happy boxer shorts (unfortunately they didn't have many female boxers at the shops so the crutch area is a little low), and a long baggy grey shirt which I swear used to be my dad's. I walk out and check the time. 7:30, man it's not even late yet and I'm almost about to crawl into bed. I walk out and fall on the ground leaning against the sofa.

"Nice glasses," says Noah.

I shoot him glare to find him with a smug look on his face. Okay, so my glasses weren't the most attractive, in fact they looked hideous. Square with thick black frames, but they were the only ones which I haven't broken, and it's not like I wear them all the time anyways.

"What's for dinner?" I ask watching the television.

"I'm having steak."

I look up at him with puppy dog eyes, "Can you cook me some please?"

He looks amused, and I can tell he wasn't going to. He stands up and makes his way over to the kitchen.

"Make your own dinner."

"But the only thing I can cook is potato."

He shrugs, so I glare at him. Okay, I guess there is no reason he should cook me dinner, but I'm still frustrated that I'm going to have to cook my own. So I decide, I'll make my yummy Hashbrowns, and then he'll be jealous.

After about an hour of bickering in the kitchen we both finally sit down at the table and eat, and he's defiantly not the one who is jealous of the other. I can feel myself almost start to drool as I see his thick tender steak. I shovel down my dinner so I can go to my room and hide.

"You just finished year 12 right?" he asks.

My head shoots up, surprise has never been written over someone's face as clearly as mine is now.

"Yeah. You're going to uni right? Did you just finish as well?"

He snorts, "No, I took a gap year."

I frown, why'd he have to snort at me.

"I'm taking a gap year as well."

We fall into awkward silence again, something I figure I should get used to.

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