Chapter 2

"Morning Mum," I sing as I race down the stairs.

"Morning Brooke," she smiles back, her beautiful blond hair in a messy bun.

I walk over to the kitchen table and give my grey haired father a kiss on the head.

"Morning Daddy."

"Morning Possum."

I skip around the familiar house, running my fingers along the top of the fireplace, examining the photos with a smile. Then the room turns grey. I hear the screech of wooden chairs on floor boards. I spin around, my dad is standing there, glaring at me. I feel so confused and lost. He starts yelling.


"It's me dad," I beg.


He comes closer but I can't run away. His fist hurtles towards my face.

"Brooke, Brooke, Brooke," yells the ecstatic voice of Gabby.

I sit up and wipe the sweat and tears off my face. It was only a nightmare, just too close to home. I look up and she's grinning at me from the end of my bed. Alexa is leaning against the door frame.

"What's going on?" I ask tiredly, usually no one dares to enter my room until at least 10 o'clock, but I decide I'll try to be civil.

Gabby's mouth drops, "You forgot?"

I put on my glasses, man I'm blind without them.

"Forgot what?"

"It's the first of December, we're going to the beach today," explains Alexa, "But you're going to have to go in Nick's car, mine's full."

"So I'll survive the trip then," I tease, Alexa was a seriously scary driver. She glares at me and I give her a big cheesy smile.

"Hurry up and get out of bed," calls Nick though the halls.

"Okay, okay. Just lemme have a shower," I say shooing Gabby off my bed.

I have a quick shower, being back on the farm only having water tanks you learn to shower quickly. I put on my aqua blue bikini and turn around. I scream. I am face to face with an evil spider. I'm on the verge of hysterics, and can't help but wonder why I am such a wimp.


"Brooke is everything okay?" asks the voice of Nick through the door.

I let out a little squeal as it blows slightly closer to me. The door handle rattles.

"Don't you dare!" I growl.

"Brooke, what happening?" asks a worrying Gabby.

"Brooke?" says Joe.

Oh great, now everyone is standing outside my bathroom door, I'm half dressed, and freaking out. I try to get a hold of myself long enough to pull on my denim shorts which were frayed at the bottom and loose fitting t-shirt. I pick up my pyjamas, and edge around the walls of the bathroom.

"Open the door," I call.

"What?" answers Joe.

"Open the damn door!"

The door swings open and I lunge out. It would have been awesome if I did the whole jump and roll thing, but no. I don't have that kind of skill, so instead I jump and cause Noah to fall flat on his bum, my face in a rather awkward position. My eyes are closed shut, but when I open them, I am face first in his lap, looking directly at his crutch. It takes a second for me to register where my face is, but when I do, I posses those ninja skills I lacked earlier. I push myself back away from him, my cheeks are burning. I can't look at his face.

"I'm so sorry."

He groans before standing up. I have a sudden urge to bash my head against the floor. WHY AM I SUCH A WIMP?!

"What were you freaking out about anyway?" asks Joe.

"Spider," I whisper.

"You can't be serious," says Noah.

I ignore him and just push past everyone to get my beach towel. I'm really starting to dislike Noah, sure he softened my fall. Ew no, bad Brooke.

"Argh," I groan out loud, as the whole contents of the top shelf falls on top of me.

He's been here for about a week now, and with my track record for awkward moments it's going to be hectic and he doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon.

I'm stuck in Nick's Ford with Joe and Noah. Joe sits in the passenger seat and Nick is driving. So the back seat of the car couldn't get any more awkward. We did this every year on the first of December, mum and dad used to take us down when we were kids so we kept it up after we left home. I hear Noah chuckle, and I turn to face him.


"Nothing," he says with a smirk.

"What?" I try hard not to break into a whine.

"All that fuss this morning over a little spider," he looks at me, I have a sudden urge to punch that pretty face of his and pull out his perfectly styled brunette hair.

But I don't, I turn away and frown out the window.

"They are called irrational fears for a reason," I mumble, he just laughs at me.

We arrive. I love our little bay, it was away from most of the popular ones like Hilary's and Scarborough, so not many people probably even knew it existed. It was cut off from all other beaches and it was very secluded. Though, I am always paranoid that one day we are going to rock up and be confronted with nudist bathers. I jump out of the ute and pull on my wide brim beach hat. I smile at the blue water, thank goodness for prescription sunglasses. Contacts plus salty water, plus sand, plus Joe's habit of dunking you doesn't end well with contacts. I carry the towels and picnic basket down to the shore. I fall onto my towel and fling off my thongs. I hear laughs of other people from behind me so I turn around as see the mystery people Gabby and Alexa brought. But before I could see who it was Joe tackles me into the sand.


"You looked to peaceful."

"You're getting my clothes all sandy."

I finally come face to face with him and his face is covered by an evil grin. I frown at him.


He winks and throws me over his shoulder.


"Nah, you're going for a swim Brookie."

"Please, I will, please don't get my clothes wet," I beg.

"Fine," he says.

Noah's point of view

It's a nice beach, I can see why they come here. I see my brother take Brooke down to the water's edge before she starts screaming. That girl always has to scream about something. I see her friends come down with two other guys I've never seen before. Alexa was it? She starts taking off her dress and damn she has a good body. Her red bikini defiantly works well. Her other friend, Gappy? Whatever her name is also goes diving into the water, with a one piece.

"We come here every year," explains Nick.

I nod a response. Brooke managed to free herself from Joe, she stands there putting on sunscreen in a blue bikini. Her body wasn't as toned as her friends, but there was still something which caught my eye. Joe is rubbing in sunscreen into her back, and for some reason I find myself glaring at him, I shake it off, she's just some spoilt brat with a good whine on her. She goes running into the water with her friends and Joe comes back to join us. Nick rolls his eyes at Joe's huge smile.

"Why do you have to flirt with my sister?" groans Nick.

"Mainly because it gets on your nerves, and it's fun."

Nick rolls his eyes and walks off, probably to get a beer or something.

"Do you two have something going on?"

Joe looks at me with surprise before smiling, "Nah bro. She's just a good friend."

I stare at him for a while, trying to work out if he was being honest. I turn my attention back to Brooke, even if he did like her, he probably wouldn't do much about it. Joe never dates girls he actually likes.

"Come on, let's go for a swim," says Joe nudging me.

I nod and take off my shirt.

Brooke's point of view

"So you and Joe ayy?" says Alexa as I wade into the water.

I shoot her a look, "No, we are just friends."

She rolls her eyes, "then why'd he put on your sunscreen."

I now roll my eyes and float on my back. I don't care if my long blonde hair gets all salty and disgusting.

"Because he's insisted."

"Brooke, Noah's staring at you," whispers Gabby.

"Noah is kinda cute," adds Alexa.

I groan, "Guys can you not, he's a tosser."

Gabby's mouth dropped.

"What?" I ask.

"He has a hot as body," says Alexa, slightly too loud.

I stand up, the water was about to my waist. I look over, he did have a decent body, from what I can tell without my glasses. It was tanned and well toned, his abs visible but not disgusting. I lay back down and decide it's probably from working on his parents farm. Alexa and Gabby go off to talk to the guys they brought along, I could go as well but I really can't be bothered being face to face to some guy as he looks me up and down. Plus, they were their dates, not mine, so I decide to avoid being a third wheel. Alexa and Gabby were more toned then I was anyway. Mainly because Alexa goes to the gym at least three times a week and does gymnastics, while Gabby swims competitively. I just jog around the neighbourhood every now and again. Well I used to ride my old boy Samson, but since we moved I barely get a chance. I play netball during winter, but not much else. Suddenly I feel like a complete slob and start going over a new fitness routine I'll never get around to.

Noah's point of view:

We are all sitting on the sand in silence, the two guys who came left a while ago. It's about four in the afternoon and we've been here all day, the sun is starting to tire people out. Brooke's friends keep whispering things in her ear making her roll her eyes.

"Who wants ice cream?" pipes up Brooke.

The group agrees almost in unison. Brooke stands and grabs Nick's keys.

"Who wants to come with?" Silence.

"Come on guys," she whines.

I smirk, and get up to get another beer.

She sighs.

"Take Noah," suggests Alexa.

I spin around and our eyes lock, I must have a frustrated look on my face because she rolls her eyes and walks off.

"Fine," I mutter.

When I get to the car she's scrambling around for something in the passenger side. When she finds it she hands me a green 'P' plate.

"Can you put this up please?"

I nod.

As we drive to the nearest supermarket I realise it was a mistake letting her drive. She wasn't nervous about it or anything, but she does exhibit road rage when drivers do stupid things. The horn was honked several times, and I find myself sinking back in the seat hoping people don't notice I'm in the same car.

We get out, but she doesn't walk with me, she walks about three metres ahead. I follow blindly though the supermarket.

"How many of us is there?" she asks, it takes me a second to reply.


"Want anything in particular?" she asks.

Again, it takes me a second to realise she's talking to me without a scowl. I point to one and she grabs it as well as another box. We walk towards the exit and she stops, causing me to almost fall on top of her. She stares at some Mango's and pouts.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I can't eat mango's."

I raise my eye brows, "Why not?"

She looks up at me, smiles and points to her braces.

"Right, your train tracks."

She hits me weakly on the arm and gives me a scowl. She turns towards the mangos again before she spots something and falls to the ground. She pulls her knees in and hides behind the mango stand.

"What the heck are you doing?"

"SHHHHHH! Is he still there?"

I roll my eyes and look, "if you mean some old guy then he's still there."

She kneels, and looks herself, still hiding. She squats, looks to her left. She then grabs my hand and tugs me to the check out. She pays for the ice cream, continually checking behind her. As soon as we paid she pulls me towards the car.

"What was that all about?" I demand more then ask once we were in the car.

She shakes her head. She turns to look over her shoulder before ducking, hiding behind the door.

"What the heck are you on?"

"Shut up," she hisses.

I look up and see a group of guys getting into a red Commodore. Is that who she's hiding from?

"Stop staring at them," she growls.

I look down at her, she looks ridiculous. I can't help but laugh.

Brooke's point of view

Noah starts laughing at me. Okay, I must look ridiculous, the steering wheel is making it extremely uncomfortable and I don't think anyone's body is meant to bend like this. But I can't afford to encounter Matthew Roberts. We dated earlier this year, before he cheated on me and then slept with every girl at my school.

"Are they gone?" I whisper, my index finger held to my lips.

He's laughing so hard he doesn't answer, so I pinch his thigh.

"Are they gone?"

"Yeah, they're gone," he says still smirking at me.

I sigh and try to get up. Crap. I'm stuck and Noah starts killing himself laughing again.

"Will you shut up!"

I try to pull myself out but I can't actually move without causing myself pain.

"You're such a spaz."

"Will you shut up and help me?" I snap, "I'm not a spaz," I mutter.

He gets out of the car and almost falls over laughing. A little grey cloud starts to grow over my head. The door opens and I try to slide out sideways.

"Ow, ow, ow!" I yell.

"Try moving the seat back," he says reaching over me.

The seat goes back a little, but still not enough for me to get out.

"Here," he says trying to pull me out.

"OW! Leave me, I'll just stay like this."

He wraps one arm around my back, holding onto my waist and he forces me out.

"OW!" I yell as he finally manages to pull me out.

But because of my awkward position I end up falling on top of him on the bitumen.

"Well, well well, aren't you two getting cosy?" mocks the voice of Joe.

I roll off of Noah and lie on my stomach for a while.

"Now I see what was taking you two so long," he says.

I eventually stand up, Joe winks at me and I roll my eyes.

"Thanks," I mutter to Noah as I get into the driver's seat.

We sit eating out ice cream, I can feel someone watching me, I turn to see Noah's mocking face. I turn to face the ocean again, watching the sunset. I can hear him laughing to himself.

"Oh won't you just shut up," I growl.

"Well don't get yourself stuck and I won't laugh."

"Whatever," I mutter.

This guy was going to drive me crazy.

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