Hello, well this is new to me I am more used to fan fiction but I thought I'd do this as well since I enjoy writing poetry well let me stop rambling. I hope you enjoy.

It's there in the mist and sun kissed leaf

That stands alone through the fall

And through the winter

It is cold and so it shivers and stirs.

It is sad and broken it feels forgotten and unwanted.

Destined to be alone forever

That is until the spring when thousands of sun kissed leaves bloom

They are all together smiling and laughing once again

And that one leaf though filled with envy it smiles

For it claimed that right for staying strong in the fall as others fell

and lasting throughout the winter's frost.

And through this smile only now does the leaf cry realizing that

A world of loneliness is what awaits it each and every time the leaf returns

It will never feel the warmth of another's soul but only the coldness of its own.