"Innocent" ~ BabyBix

Somewhere deep in Winter's Forest

Rides a Dark Knight,

Clad in black armor,

Glinting dull and sinister

In Winter's cold burning sunlight.

His steed,

Shiny coat colored a Raven Black,

Feathered hooves gliding gracefully

Over the frozen forest floor,

Strong muscles flexing with every step,

Nostrils flaring and steaming in the frigid air.

On this Dark Knights hip,

His left,

Hangs a Blade.

Long, sharp, and thick,

This, too, glints a dull colour,

Black steel blackened further

By the drying Innocent Blood.

In the Snow,

Soft under his steed's hooves,

Trails a line of Red,

Staining the once Pure Snow.

Around him,

Bare, snowy trees,

Lie dormant and cold,

Frozen and gloomy,

In the fog of early dawn.

Far behind,

Along the trail of red,

A Mother wails

Over the broken, bloody corpse,

Of an Innocent.

The Dark Knight, though,

Rides in silence,

Through the frigid land.

Such a change from the night before,

Full of the screams of the frightened,

The dying.

He is so silent now,

So silent

That even the easily spooked Doe,

Watches this cold-blooded Hunter

In wary awe.