A/N: Written after I saved a friend from suicide, indirectly.


What makes a hero?
Is it a mask and cape?
Is it catch lines and superpowers?
Or all heros just human
Like every one of us?

I'm no hero
I'm just me
So how am I
Someone's savior?
Such shocking news
Shaken me to the core
Now I must live
With the title within

I saved a life last night
In the dark of my blankets
Gazing at my phone
Noting the late hour
Pushing through my exhaustion
To create the safety net
That he desperately needs

We all fall down
And we need to get up
Sometimes we need help
To find the right way out
Because we're only human

Nothing like Superman or Batman
Far from Wonderwoman or Catwoman
No lasers or flight or invincibility
But do we really need all that?
Perhaps we have our own superpowers
Something called emotions
They have daily impact on lives
They can wound or heal
It's all in the choice

So could I really be a savior?
From the dark of the night?
Is it possible that I can save lives?