TITLE: That Promise Chapter One: That Promise

SYPNOSIS: On the fourth of July, four friends made a promise when they buried a box full of secrets in the ground, promising to dig it up on the night of their senior prom. Life's change though, and people move on. Can four friends find each other from one box?

A/N: So this is a story that is based on true people, some of my real friends. May be slightly OOC though, just to keep the story moving, by the way some characters may be slightly bitchy and the ending might not be how you expect.


It was the cold night of July the fourth, in the small town of Lima Ohio. The wind was roaring around the wooded areas but thankfully the rain hadn't started to fall yet. Inside the gates of the forest which was on the edge of the town, four girls were huddled in a small corner with a box lying in their shivering hands.

One of them, a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes smiled at them with a mischievous grin, "So when are we going to bury it?" she breathed through the silence.

The girl with short light brown hair called Lucy shrugged uncaringly, "I don't care, I just want to go home because this weather is starting to freak it out." She muttered as another drop of rain fell on her waterproof coat.

The two other girls who were remaining silent nudged each other excitedly; they were both girls with brown hair, called Rebecca and Justine. They were both the girls who had brought up the idea about a memory box, to keep under the ground for ten years and then dig it up on the night of their senior prom.

Justine smirked before moving a little closer to the big deep hole that the four girls had dug up with their spades, "I think we should bury it now, because it's going to really, really rain soon." Justine was always known to have been overdramatic and her closest friend from her group, Rebecca nudged her sharply.

Rebecca's hand were shaking, "I want this to be perfect, because what if we don't stay best friend forever?" Although no one had asked this question yet, it had been lurking in their minds.

The girl with blonde hair smiled sadly, "Well at least we'll all go to the same high school right?" She suggested, trying to lighten the mood.

Lucy frowned, "We should make a promise that we'll come back to this box on the night of senior prom. I'm certain that when we start high school, we'll never stay friends."

Although everyone knew that this was the only answer, they all scowled at Lucy because they didn't want to believe it. They didn't want to believe that it was true.

Kelly sighed as the rain started to patter down on their backs and quickly lowered the box inside the hole, so that it gradually disappeared and they all remained silent. The tension hanging in the air was minimal but the girls knew that this was the last time that they would properly be alone together. The girls then dug up the hole so that it was now once again, looking like the rest of the earth.

After ten long minutes, Lucy stood up impatiently, "Look if we don't move soon then we'll be drowned by the amount of rain right now. I love you guys but I'm going."

Kelly nodded, agreeing with the brown haired diva, as she felt her hair wearily, "Now I'm going to have to straighten my hair all over again, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Kelly stood up and followed Lucy's footprints and soon the only girls left were Justine and Rebecca who eyed each other, sadness welling up in their eyes.

"Is Lucy right?" Justine asked nervously, "Do you think we'll grow apart? I don't want to make new friends, I like things how they are."

Rebecca shrugged, "Who know's, I guess we'll find out tomorrow." The two girls gave each other quick hugs, before parting their separate ways.

On July the fourth, when the girls were only six years old, four girls buried a box, a box full of secrets. And then they made a promise, a promise to be friends forever. But things change, and people move on.

Kelly moved on the day that she joined high school, when she joined the cheerleading squad and became popular immediately. She was forced to hitch her skirt up to a crazy length, and if she was seen talking to any of her old friend's people would presume that she was gay.

Lucy was judged on her first day as a snob as well as a weirdo. Many people made fun of her and threw her in the dumpster.

Rebecca and Justine stayed friends for the first few days until Rebecca started to date a popular football player and gradually the two girls grew apart. As for Justine, she had no chance of becoming popular when she joined the glee club and joined the list of students called losers.

But who will remember their promise that they made on that fateful night? Or will they forget about their childhood and…move on?