TITLE: That Promise Chapter One: That Promise

SYPNOSIS: On the fourth of July, four friends made a promise when they buried a box full of secrets in the ground, promising to dig it up on the night of their senior prom. Life's change though, and people move on. Can four friends find each other from one box?

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Kelly Burley stepped out of her flashy silver Ferrari, and pushed her silky blonde hair away from her face. Her brown and ginger highlights were sparkling with the amount of hair spray that she had applied on her straightened hair, and her pink lips were glittering from the cherry lip-gloss that she had applied.

She was wearing a light blue dress, up to her thighs and her face was showered in light brown foundation. The dress had white sequins attached to it that were completing the sparkly Barbie look she was trying to create.

She smiled falsely at her newest boyfriend, Sam Hudson, who was waiting for her at the entrance of the school. He held out his hand with a soft smile at her, and she took it confidently. He was dressed in a black plain suit that made him look extremely handsome, while his usually messy blonde hair was jelled up for the occasion.

It was their senior prom.

Sam gently kissed her hand as he bowed down towards her, and whispered in a husky tone into her ear, "Babe you look stunning," Kelly flashed a smile at him, showing off her extremely white teeth to the crowd that had formed to admire her.

She looked away from all of her admirers and looked directly at Sam, "Thanks, I guess. You do remember what I talked to you about right?" She demanded coldly trying to keep the anxious tone from her footballer boyfriend.

Sam frowned for a second, trying to remember what she had told him the night before, before smiling reassuringly at her, "That you need to leave ten to midnight, I understand babe."

Kelly smiled, "Thanks, well I guess we better get going, and remember to impress everyone, because we need to be crowned prom King and Queen!"

And with that, the two lovers walked inside the school arm in arms, sending small waves to other cheerleaders and footballers as they walked.


Justine Kelly was sat dismally in the ladies toilets, beside her best and only friend called Cherry. They could hear the loud heavy metal music from the main hall, but had earphones plugged inside their ears so couldn't hear it.

They were both in their prom dresses but none had any intention of going inside, prom was like a torture for them. Last year's summer ball was bad enough, with them being dragged outside by the pretty popular girls and being told that a ball was for pretty people.

All of a sudden the door flung open, and head cheerleader Kelly Burley walked in surrounded by a crowd of girls and they stared at Justine and Cherry but just ignored them both as they surrounded the tiny mirrors.

Kelly turned to her girls when she noticed Justine in the corner, "Girls, loser and I need to have a little chat." The girls started to giggle excitedly, while Justine groaned silently as they started to exit the bathroom.

Justine stood up so that she was face to face with Kelly, who turned away from her and started to apply her make-up, before she said, "Are you turning up to that stupid box in the ground tonight?" Kelly said casually sounding like she couldn't care less.

Justine shrugged, she had remembered the promise and the box, but she thought that no one would turn up and she would look like a pathetic loser, "I don't know." Justine said truthfully.

Kelly glared at her, "Listen here, I've had to call off losing my virginity tonight with Sam to go to this stupid promise so you better turn up."

Justine breathed in sharply, before realising that she had no choice, "FINE, jeez you really have changed over the years." Kelly decided to ignore that comment as she reapplied her lip-gloss.

"Just because I've become popular doesn't mean that I've changed you loser. I don't even know why I even liked you." Kelly said meanly, before adding sharply, "The only reason that I'm turning up to this stupid thing is because I want my stuff back."

Justine stood up as she saw Cherry frown with a confused expression, "Yeah well if you're going to treat me like this tonight, then I'm not turning up."

Cherry smiled at her friend proudly, "We should go Justine…"

Kelly sighed, "FINE I'll be nice to you, but this stays between you and me or you know what I'll do…"

Justine smirked at her success, "I'll see you at midnight then I guess." She said as she walked out with Cherry right behind her.


Lucy Bamber flicked back her black hair and looked down at her prom dress with a smirk, it was a black long dress, and kind of like her idol Wicked Witch of the west's wedding dress. She saw Justine approach her wearily, wearing a light pink prom dress, and Lucy frowned. Maybe the fact that she never spoke to Justine any more was the reason why, or maybe it was because of what happened…

Justine was now closer to her, and Lucy realised that she smelt a soft smell of rose petals; it was a nice smell though it was a smell Lucy had remembered from all those years ago.

Lucy backed away from Justine, a little worriedly, "What do you want freak?" She asked coldly, her coldness coming from her years of being a skank and bullied constantly.

Justine's expression didn't change, mostly because Justine was used to it, she was used to the insults, "There's no need to re-write history Lucy: we were friends once and I know that were not so much now but…you can't change the past." Justine's voice was cold and shallow, and it scared Lucy.

Lucy scowled, "Just get to the point hobbit."

"Are you coming to dig up the box tonight?"

Lucy's eyebrows narrowed as the realisation hit her like a ton of bricks, before she looked over her shoulder to where her 'friends' were waiting for her. "What do you think?"

Justine frowned, making Lucy feels even guiltier, when Justine took another step towards her, "Look I know you hate me, were not friends, but you promised, why don't you remember?"

Lucy frowned one again, how did Justine know that she didn't remember? That was slightly freaky…she was trying to consider her options in her head as she turned to her 'friends' with a slightly confused expression.

The girl who had just joined the skanks gang smirked, "Go with your poxy gang to the box, and we're fine with it." Lucy scowled; she really, really wanted them to not agree with her going.

She heard Justine breathe in from behind her, and Lucy turned around to face her, "Alright I'll come. But this doesn't mean that I want to, it's because I keep promises."

They heard the clock strike ten o'clock and Justine turned away from Lucy with one final word, "I'll see you tonight." As Justine walked away, she looked down at her mobile that was firmly pressed in her left hand. She had one unread message, she looked down curiously, it was from an unknown number.

Hey this is Rebecca, are you coming to that promise thing at midnight? Because I don't know if it's still on or not?

Justine smiled at her success, before quickly replying to Rebecca, maybe this was a new start after all!