Chuck Norris' Face

By Seth Melvin

This morning I woke up to a beard on my face.

I gasped and shouted, "I've never seen hair in that place!"

For it was the face of Chuck Norris staring back at me.

My fear switched to joy and I shouted with glee,

"Hurray, hurray! What a beautiful day!

With Chuck Norris' face I'll get my own way!"

So I hopped out the door, and went to the store.

I bought some doughnuts, but they dropped to the floor.

And with Chuck Norris' face, random people bought me more.

I got some milk with my doughnuts and began to munch away.

And I met a small child who stole a doughnut from me!

I huffed and I puffed and I kicked his bike down,

for I am Chuck Norris and no one steal my doughnuts in this town!

So now you've heard my story of a day in Chuck Norris' place.

So be on your way and get your own face!