God, I can't believe how stupid I am!
So fucking dumb – I actually fell for this again!

I was gullible enough to forgive and forget.

I was foolish enough to think his "feelings" were genuine.

I bet you are so happy.

You were right – congratulations!

I was wrong when I thought that he loved me –

His "kind words" were in all actually manipulations.

I can't deal with this heartache any more –

For once, I know that enough is enough.

Because he now treats me like a strange,

And that feels so rough.

This is my final straw in a long line of tolerance and forgiveness.

I've taken so much shit and I finally just give up all my hope.

There's just so much one person can take,

And I'm sorry to say I'm at the end of my rope.

He took me, and he did what everyone thought he would – told me he would;

He broke me, leaving only part of me behind.

It's so scary that now I don't have any more energy for this.

He's made me give up on my life – so now, I guess I'll just say goodbye.