Winter's nigh in nightly streams,
Silver ripples, moonlight beams,
Blackness comes, takes the dreams,
Nothing here is what it seems.

Blades gleam bright, still take life,
Cheerful smiles do hide the strife,
Sunlight warm, heats like knife
Deceiving tunes from Satan's fife.

In the crowd alone you stand,
Torment from the trusted hand,
Like snow blankets, kill the land,
All great nations will be sand.

Friends betray and walk away,
Oath is broken from their say,
Skills forgotten in the fray,
Darkness comes at end of day.

Blood is red as is the rose,
The hewn trees cross to expose,
Love so great no one knows,
As the soul from the body goes.

All of life is silhouettes,
Recalling all the soul forgets,
Now the time for sore regrets,
Death, your charming amulets.