go back to drawling broken hearts

dying from your passion full darts

this isn't whats really happening

(it's all in my head all in my head)

in reality these pills are forcing me to sleep

because I'm mourning over what I can't seem to keep*

where did it come from

so obvious to me

now I feel so dumb

took everything to see

The more I scream the less I brake

devastation crashing in with every hit I take

because my mind grows like a tree

and all I need is a seed

for an idea to spark inside of me

dramatically infested to tease

where did it come from

some times I simply can not breath

now I feel so numb

you meant everything to me

so many pieces of my heart

feel so far away

so many aspects of my mind

seem so be tearing me apart

the taste once sweet now turned tart


I'm melting in my seat

from my eyes to my feet

like an ocean of salt water

my soul begin to leak

where did it come from

...now where did it go...

why do I have no more bravery to show

why did it take so long to see

... how munch you mean to me...