I know that you'll always be here

Right by my side

That you'll love me like you always have

And that I've got nothing to fear

But the time I have left to spend with him

Is quickly dwindling down

He won't be here forever

And he's become so much more than just like a brother to me

My mother despises him

With all her living moments

My father hates each and every of his unbroken bones and healthy organs

He hates him even more than my mother

My sister understands none of it really

All she knows is that we did something bad together

And last, but definitely not least

My boyfriend

He hates him because of what he did

He hates him for being the cause of all his pain

He hates him just for existing

But I don't

I don't care what any of them thinks

Nor what they threaten to do

Because he's my best friend

And I won't stop being his, either

They can do whatever the Hell they want

But I will love him

For now and forever

Because he is my best friend

And I will cherish the memory of him

From the beginning of our meeting until the very end