Chapter 1

' Peter is that you home' ' yes mum it's me, I want to tell you something mum I understand that you like my red hair and all but I was getting teased for it at school for it so well I dyed it.

Peter practised those lines in his head as he walked through the door as if they were lines for an upcoming play.

All that practising came to nothing though when he saw his mother.

'Mum have you been crying' 'yes dear something tragic has occurred today'. 'I've got to tell you something Peter'

'What is it that you have to tell me mum' Peter asked suddenly more interested with the path this conversation was taking. 'I'm not really an interior decorator' announced his mum. 'Then what are you' I'm a trained assassin trained to bring about justice to the world'. 'Bullshit mum if you're going to tell me what you really work as at least tell me the truth, next you'll be telling me that you work for the criminal organisation KAC except they're not really a criminal organisation in fact a secret rogue organisation brought in to eliminate people who are criminals'.

'That's exactly what I was going to say, do you know something about me already'.

'Mum stop lying I'm not talking to again until you tell me the truth' with that statement Peter stormed out of the room and off to his bedroom.

His dad then came in through the door in a panic, 'Julie tell Peter to pack his bags where leaving for another KAC safe house tonight'. 'Why George, why now we've been here for 4 months and no one has even suspected I work for KAC '. Because I just got sacked today and the new guy has already managed to unmask the vandal'.

'Can we please George just wait until the morning to leave, I just told peter the truth and he's finding it hard to deal with'. 'Okay Julie we'll leave through the tunnel in the morning '.

Peter also dyed his hair today I was to upset though to get cross at him over it'. 'But what if we're captured, the Sergeant won't recognise peter if he's gone and dyed his hair'. 'Let's just hope then that we don't get captured'. 'Okay that's enough talking we should go to bed we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

Peter's bedroom

'Stupid mum' peter muttered to himself, 'Peter' his dad called from the hall way '5 minutes more, then lights out , if I were you Id use that 5 minutes wisely to pack.

Peter opened the door 'what do you mean, where leaving tomorrow' he asked. 'yes peter , where leaving tomorrow because it's no longer safe for me or your mother to be here'.

'Why isn't it safe, please do not tell me the same lies mum told me if you do you no you'll just be wasting your time'.

'Whether you believe it or not your mother is not telling lies and if we stay here any longer we could be killed'.

'if it's so important then why didn't we leave as soon as you got home' said peter

' mate I would have liked to but after the state your mother saw you in after she told you her true identity we thought it would be best to give you some time to come to grips with it'.

Peter by now was finally coming with the fact his mum and dad were supposed criminal, 'so where are we going' Peter asked. His dad replied with 'the only place where we'll be safe, KAC headquarters'. Peter only then realised just how much of a mess his family was in, to shock to continue the conversation peter simply replied with 'good night dad'. His father also replied simply with 'good night son'