Have you ever been in a situation were you thought "why me"? Well as I stood there, pondering this question, I couldnt help but wonder if the others thought the same question to. We had all been ripped from our homes, families, and friends. We had no idea why we were chosen and what was to be expected of us. Some of the younger children looked like they had been crying and some of the older ones tried to put on a good face but I knew they must be just as scared as I was. "Candidate 15"? I heard from across the room. That was my new name. I wasnt Charolette from Wyoming anymore I was candidate 15 from North America. My mouth was so dry that when I opened it up to say "here" nothing came out. What did they want with us? Why were we all children? How could they just do this to us? Dont we have some kind of legal rights? "Candidate 15" the voice said louder and more harsh. "Here" I got out this time. "Come to the right side of the room and file in behind candidate 14". I did what I was told and wound up standing next to a girl who must have only been 8 years old, with red hair and huge tears in her eyes. I thought of my brother back home. He was about her age and when I was dragged from our house the last thing I saw was him yelling out for me and police officers shoving him back into the house. I reached down and grabbed her hand to try to comfort her a little, but she was so frightened that she pulled away. As they called out numbers I could see that they were putting us in groups of boys vs girls. My eyes immediately went to candidate 30. He was looking at me in a way that made me a little uncomfortable. You know that look that is borderline a stare. He was probably my age about 18. He was trying really hard not to look down or to look frightened, but I could see that he was probably having the same thoughts as I was. He was built like the farming boys I had known back home, dark hair and tan skin. What caught me was his eyes, they were the color of the ocean when I saw it in california. Something about his eyes told me that I might be able to trust him. It seemed like hours went by and they processed us threw a medical holding area and checked us for all kinds of diseases. Some of the candidates were taken away when they found out they had had TB or something they called the pox. We had to talk to a doctor about our up bringing. How far we got in school? What subject matters were we good at? Had we ever committed a crime? Had we ever had a boyfriend? I couldnt figure out what they were looking for but I guess I passed because I was sent into the next room. Candidate 30 was there and he immediately looked at me as I walked in. We were able to get some food and sit down were ever we wanted so I choose a table far away from anyone. While I ate Candidate 30 came over and sat at my table. "Hi my name is Ben, whats your name?" "Charolette" I replied. "I dont think we are supposed to be talking right now, please I dont want to get into trouble." Ben kind of smiled and said "So what if we get in trouble what are they going to do send us home?". That comment made me look up quick right into his blue eyes. Did he know something i didnt know? Is there away to get sent home? "Why are we here?" I asked him. "I dont know, I over heard one of the doctors say that they had a better group to select from this time. I know that anyone of the boys that failed their test left and didnt go on to the next test, so maybe they went home. Where are you from?" He asked. "I am from Wyoming" I said. "I was at home with my parents when there was a knock on the door. A police officer handed my father a letter and next thing I know they are putting me in a police car while my parents and brother are screaming at them to let me go and leave us alone. What about you?" "I am from Washington state. I was working at my dads store when they came to pick me up. I asked to call my dad but they said they already had and he was on his way to take care of the store in my absense. I never got to say goodbye." What he said really made me frightened and so sad for him. I guess in a way I was lucky that I got to say goodbye to my family. Just then a group of people in lab coats came in and asked us to get back into our lines and follow them. Ben took my hand and said " Dont be afraid they arent going to hurt us". I didnt know what to think. But I was very glad that he was there. we spent the rest of the day going threw "inspections". Candidate 14 was sent away after the IQ test, and many more were sent home after the blood work came back. By the end of the day there were 8 girls and 8 boys left. I was so happy to see that one of those boys was Ben. I think he was happy to see me to. In the evening they escorted us to were we were going to sleep. 16 ccots had been set up for us with wool blankets. They asked us to climb in and rest. It was hard to sleep, between the crying and the guards pacing up and down I dont think anyone really got any sleep.

The next morning they came and got us very early. We had breakfast in silence and ended up in a briefing room that looked like a small movie theater. Ben was able to sit next to me and it felt comforting to know that I had made a friend so quickly. I didnt trust the people in the lab coats but I did trust him. After about 15 minutes a movie started on the screen. It was a doctor who said his name was Doctor Brian Swift. This is what he said." Welcome all to the project. I know a lot of you are wondering what you are doing here? I am here today to tell you why you are here and what is going to happen. In 1995 a computer program was developed to study the news of the world and predict the outcome of events. The computer program predicted everything from famine in africa, to 9/11, to the death of the King of England, to the Earthquack in china that killed 1 million people, to more than 1500 major things that happened. in 2045 the program gave its last prediction. It said that in Summer of 2052 the last human would be born on earth. Then it stopped predicting anything. We tried everything but when we would put in data for it to process it would just keep coming up the same thing: the last human would be born on earthin the summer 2052. We decided to developed the Genesis project. We have been developing a way to stop this from happening. Countries all over the world are doing this very thing with their own people. They plan is to gather groups of children between the ages of 8-18 from all backgrounds of society, that are smart and healthy. We have built a ship that can carry 1000 children away from the Earth. The plan is to take you far enough away to keep you from whatever is going to happen to the rest of us and then have you come back and repopulate the world. We have stored enough seeds, animals, and knowledge for the group to restart this planet if they need to. Good luck and God speed." I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time. I hadnt realized it but Ben was holding my hand and I was digging my finger nails into him. What did they think was going to happened? What was going to happened to the 9billion people that currently lived on the planet.? Do they know about this? Do my parents know what is about to happen to me? I had so many questions. After the movie stopped another man in a lab coat came to the front of the room and said " My name is Doc Stan Young. that film was make in 2046 What they didnt know then was what was going to happen to stop the human race from being born, but now they think they had a pretty good idea. In 2048 a bacteria was introduced into the water supply, no one knows how it happened. The bacteria has spread to 90% of the worlds fresh water reserves. What has been happening is the bacteria is not detected until it has been consumed by a human host. When it is consumed it attacts the bodies reproduction organs and sterilizes the person. Most of you come from parts of the country that are still not effective. The government has tried very hard to keep the bacteria from spreading but by New years 2052 they predict that it will be spread into every fresh water sorce on earth. There is no way to kill the bacteria and its 100% effective in sterilizing its host. This news will go out to the public in 6 months time. By then you and the others from around the world will not be on earth. We have built a space ship to house you to survive this bacteria to hopefully wait out its death and to come back and repopulate the world. So What is going to happen over the next 2 weeks is you are going to move into the ship and make it your home, you will be assigned jobs and tasks to do while you are living on the ship. The experts here will teach you how to make repairs on the ship and any other skills you need to know to run the ship. You will have a crew of 20 adults that have been carefully chosen for you that will include a doctor, an engineer, a captain, a navagator and 16 others to fill vital rolls that cant be taught in 2 weeks time. We wish you all the luck in the world and know that the survival of the human race depends on you few choose ones. Good luck and god speed." I looked around and the other children and I could tell that the older ones had some idea what was going to happen to them but the few younger children were now more scared than before. My brain went right back to that original question Why me? Ben leaned over and whispered into my ear "we need to make sure we stay together". I looked back at him and he had no color in his face. I think the relization of what was going to happened had sunken in for him as well. Would they allow us to stay together once we go on this ship? I had only met Ben less than 24 hours ago and some how knew now that we could be together for the rest of our lives. Thrown together with the other 14 people sitting in this room. My mind started going thru all the things I would miss here on earth. Going to college, fighting with my brother, Christmas with my parents, My grandparents I would never see again, going to the movies, going on a date with Steven my on again off again boyfriend. I was now destined to travel into space, watch the planet die, work to keep everyone alive, and then come back and repopulate Earth. That was my path layed out in front of me and the only glimmer of hope was that Ben was there for me to lean on. I could feel the tears coming and I couldnt stop them. I quietly let the tears run down my face. Who do they think they are to take our childhood away? For what? I dont want the responsibity of the world on my shoulders. I want to just be a kid.

With that thought still in my head they told us to stand up and walk out the door to the right side. They were going to show us our new home.