My feelings and my mind
Forever be burned
In the toxin of regret
For which I had earned

My gripping heart
Puppets my actions
So I am forever bound
To mythic attractions

So when my fellows and I
Gather and meet
Words perceived wrong
So I look to the street

Where I began to hold
My head down low
Cursed to remember
Cursed to know

You have seen the page
Written and met
Just to remember
When I regret

I had only desired
A new friend
I had been so close
Yet my mind won't mend

So I will say this
For the friends I sought
Ignore my oddity
For years I fought

I feel kinship with you all
I'm glad we have met
And I know you hate me
And that is what I regret

I am the third wheel
I am what I fret
You're hatred over me
But I'm glad we met

I am what I regret