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A/N: This is just a short poem on stuff I have no idea how to explain. It's actually based off of a story I plan on writing someday, so...yeah. Enjoy!

i don't want you (saving me)

i don't want to feel the pain
of losing what i never gained
but if you could just meet my eyes
you'll see what i cannot disguise

i don't want to lose my soul
to something that i can't control
but everything comes at a price
and i've already rolled the dice

i don't want to waste my life
not knowing how to use a knife
but somehow i cannot break free
of all the things not meant to be

i don't want to spend my nights
on burning, crashing eyes and lights
but in the end you won't be there,
spinning lies with reckless care

i don't want to save you
i don't want you saving me

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