Blood pounding in your head

Sweat beading on your skin

A metal blade gleaming in your hands

And Satan's cheering you on

The last game is long over

You've aced all your finals

And have been accepted to college

With one deed left undone

Your breath is uneven

Your mind is racing

Your eyes are tearing up

But your grip is tight on the knife's handle

I'll tell your momma you love her

I'll tell your daddy you'll miss him

I'll tell your best friend there's nothing he could've done

I'll tell your girlfriend this has nothing to do with her

There's no one around

In your cold dark room

It's only you

With a knife gleaming in your hands

You say to yourself that it's nothing personal

It's just that these demons

Are taking over your life

And refuse to share it with you

You say you want an escape

You've tried all the drugs

You've cried all the tears

And have decided it just wasn't working

I look on from afar

Pacing nervously across the floor

Waiting to see what you'll do

And hoping that you are wrong

I want what's best for you

We all do

And if this is what you want

Then why should I stop you?

As long as it's what's best for you

As long as it won't hurt for long

As long as you're sure that you're done

I won't try to stop you

There's no one around

In your cold dark room

It's only you

With a knife gleaming in your hands

But before your heart beats its last

And your grip falls slack

And your breathing slows and fades

I just want you to know

That you really were something

To me at least

I've always lived my life not caring what others say

But it was your opinion I valued

That you really could've gone far

You're just who you are

I don't know why you can't face that

You've faced everything else

That you really seemed smarter

Than to actually believe the lies they whispered

And the rumors they spread

And the false assumptions they convinced each other of

And that you'll always be my hero

The one who could pull through anything

The one who taught me how to stand

And yet somehow you're the one who's falling

There's no one around

In your cold dark room

It's only you

With a knife gleaming in your hands

Your whole world needs you

The school's expecting your graduation speech

Your mom's expecting you for dinner

And your girlfriend's expecting your call

My whole life is ahead of me

My stepmom needs me at the hospital

My neighbor needs me to drive him to rehab

And that little tabby cat needs me to feed him

The vast unknown is sprawled out before you

But you've always been the kind to charge ahead

You've always had that fighting spirit

What could've broken it?

I know there's nothing more to say

The sun is setting now

And it's entirely your choice

If you want to live for another sunrise

So you can either drop the knife

Or use it for its intended purpose

And live on or die trying

Just make sure it's what you really want

And I pray that you will sing this song tomorrow