A well conceived plan. That was all it was. I don't see why everyone is making such a big deal about it. After all, What's the point of getting out of juvie if you don't have a plan. And it was so simple and well thought out that I didn't think I would ever get caught.

I only let one person in on it and that was my best friend, Hal Truman. To anyone who knows me they might have expected a big tough guy who dropped out of school and deals drugs to be my best pal. Hal is not that kind of guy at all. In fact, I don't think I have ever met a person more weak and smart than him. And that's why it works out so well. You see I have looks, I'm popular, and I am also a bit of a jock so I couldn't go hang out with the kids who have the lower status or else my reputation would fall apart so I had him around so he could get information and favors from them.

At first he wasn't exactly loving the idea. He knew how much trouble we would be in if we got caught. He knew how risky it was. But in the end I was finally able to convince him to come with me. The main reason I needed him was because he had an acute sense of hearing. Which is a pretty good skill when your sneaking around someone else's house. Of course though I didn't tell him everything in the plan otherwise he would have called the cops on me.
When I got to his place he told me about what his parents told him using these crazy gesticulations. About how I was dangerous and how I was setting a bad example to him,all that stuff. I told him if he was a real friend he would help me.

It took us a while to ride there. I got into juvie about two weeks before I could get my license and Hal is a year younger than me so we had to take our bikes. I stopped for a pit stop at my house saying that I wanted to say goodbye to the old place one last time. HA! Like I would ever bother doing something as stupid as that. Even if I was that much of a softie I would never say goodbye to someplace as horrible as this. The wallpaper was colored and scratched on,the floor creaked,and the furniture looked like it had been puked on years ago and nobody bothered to replace it. In other words it looked just like it did when we moved. I went over to the stairs and lifted up the scantlings and took out what I came here for. My Mothers favorite gun.

We then rode over, and snuck into the house. Unlike my old home this place was actually clean. The furniture looked like it would take a person years of hard work and millions of paychecks just to afford a plate. The floor was so clean mice would be worried about getting something on it. And he was laying on the couch, looking at that flat screen t.v, and laughing along with a joke they said. He attacked my mother, put her in a coma, framed me, and ruined my life and he had the audacity to man doesn't just vex me. He angers me. He INFURIATES ME! I changed my mind then. I didn't just want to kill him anymore. I wanted to torture him. To make him wish he was dead. To put him through all the pain the world seemed to have refused to give him.

So I gently placed the gun on the table and went into the kitchen. I couldn't risk him seeing the kitchen light on so I felt my way around. I stifled a gasp when I saw large green eyes staring at me and sighed just a little when I saw it was a cat. I reached out and tried to pet it but it just scratched at me and ran away. I started feeling around a bit trying to find what I was looking for. I felt a handle, pulled it open, and found it. A large, light, sharp, knife. The lights then turned on. I turned around and saw that the man that I had come to kill had strangled my best friend and was holding him by the neck. He held out the gun and before I could even blink he shot me in the chest. The last thing I ever heard was his voice saying "Your as weak as your mother". The last thing I saw was my uncle smiling.