I've always wanted to be a part of the ocean. Ever since I was a child, wiggling my toes in the sand of Rockport's beaches, my mother at my side.

"The ocean has a way of taking care of itself," she says. "It always balances out. It doesn't need our help."

I wanted to be a part of that. That beautiful, natural system that doesn't need anybody's help. Strong. Every part of it useful, piecing together a chain of living things that have been learning new ways to survive for thousands of years.

Humans seem so silly walking around up here, trying to change everything themselves, trying to fix things that aren't broken. The ocean doesn't need them to do what it's been doing since long before they were ever here.

Who wouldn't want to be like that? Completely self-sustainable, adapting when necessary. Living and growing only at God's will. Existing in the serenity of simply living.

I aspire to be like the ocean, if not a part of it. I know it's not plausible...I am human. And humans always want more. They have a desire to create, to build something that does not yet exist. We have this desire without really knowing what it is. It's really very simple, actually...

We desire to create, just as our Creator did. Our Creator, who created us in His image. If we are made in His image, we may aspire to create as He did. Isn't that logical?

However, I've also never really been like other humans. I am discouraged by this will to continue making more, destroying more, building higher and higher...it will be our end. This obsession with making things that we were not meant to make. It disgusts me, to see God's art spoiled and polluted with human interference. I think I could live in the ocean, if I was patient. I could learn from the other animals, I could adapt like them...