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Part One: Recruitment

Chapter 1: The Agency

Skylar sat at the table waiting patiently. He was feeling tired and just wanted to go to sleep. That had been difficult recently. He could see his reflection through the many scratches and scuffs on the table in front of him. He could see his brown hair sticking awkwardly out of place. He tried to smooth it down but it popped right back up again. He sighed just as the door was opened. A young girl walked in. He guessed she was barely older than he was. 14. He didn't know why she was here.. They had told him someone wanted to talk to him about a possible living arrangement. He'd been staying at an orphanage. His mother had died almost a week before, unfortunately.

"Hello, Skylar," the young girl said.

"Hey," he replied. Curiously, he looked her over. Short, fit, serious. He started wondering what she was doing here.

"My name's Caroline. I'm here to offer you a position in TACR," she continued with her serious tone. He felt like he was either at a job interview or an interrogation. That would explain it though. The TACR, the Teenage Agency for Child Rights, had been recruiting teens for their fight against the painfully restricting laws of the government. He hadn't really thought about them and wasn't really sure if he wanted to get involved.

"Ok," he said when she didn't continue.

"Are you interested?" she asked.

"I don't know. I'll need more information." he said even as she pushed a folder of papers towards him. He flipped open the cover.

"That's all of the information that we can give you. It has all the education, living requirments, training, and basic rules that you'll be living by."

"Okay," he replied again. An awkward silence followed as he thumbed through the thick stack of papers. It seemed to be a good idea, but he was still hesitant to get involved with a rebelious group like them. The news always made them seem like terrible, irresponsible people.

"You can take your time deciding. There isn't much of a rush."

"Can I sleep on it?" he asked her.

"Sure. We can send someone tomorrow."

"Okay. I'll decide by then," he told her, starting to stand up.

"Alrighty then," she said and gave him a smile. She stood up and walked out the door. She suddenly turned around and popped her head back in, "Just don't lose that and don't let anyone else see it."

He nodded then stretched and walked out. He turned right and headed towards his room. It took him a minute but he got there and opened the door, slipped in, and collapsed on his bed. He continued to look through the papers. Basically they were offering him a place to stay in exchange for his help. The classes were divided by unit and lessons. Complete a lesson, move on to the next regardless of your classmates. In other words, you would be taught something and move on when you completed the test. You could take the test anytime and if you passed then you would move on to the next chapter or unit, making it heavily focused on the individual and speeding up the classes for students who didn't need extra practice or help. Outside of classes you were free to do what you wished as long as it wasn't violent or destructive. You'd have a room and a roommate. You could go to the cafe to eat at any time and eat anything available for free. Additionally, he would recieve training based on his interests and strengths.

It sounded like a good deal but he'd have to participate in opperations, missions, or assignments for the Agency. That was what he wasn't sure of. They never did anything violent or destructive, but they never protested either. He wasn't sure of how they got what they wanted then. He layed there thinking about it for a long time until he decided that he would at least try it. The papers he had been given said he could quit or step out anytime. He rolled over and finally passed out with his clothes still on.

An abnoxious ear-busting banging woke him up. His roommate, Nate, had decided to go steal a couple pots and pans from the kitchen and bang them together right over his ears. He cried out startled and covered his ears. Eventually the banging stopped and he dared to open his eyes. He saw Nate sitting across from him looking through HIS papers.

"What the hell are you doing?" he snapped and moved to snatch the papers away from him.

Nate laughed and moved them out of his reach. Skylar made a futile atemp to get them again. "The TACR? Really?" Nate said. Anger and frustration swirled around Skylar's head.

"Give them back," he spat.

"Or else what? You gunna call some secret agent on me?" he continued to make fun of it.

"Give them here," said a deadly calm voice behind them. Both him and Nate's focus whirled to it. Caroline stood in the doorway. Her eyes were harsh and focused on Nate and the papers.

"Oh no, he did call an agent on me," he mocked and pretended to cry. Caroline scowled. Skylar was still trying to process why she had come to his room in the first place.

"I'm warning you now. If I don't give those papers back this second, I will take them forcefully." Caroline shifted into a more ready stance even as Skylar was thinking of how uncool she was acting.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Nate and threw his hands up and ran around the room crying. "She's gunna eat me!" Caroline pulled out something. It took him a minute to acknowledge what it was. She had a freakin gun. Nate froze. There was actual fear on his face. "You can't actually kill me," he said.

"No, but I can still make you hurt in ways you've never imagined," she said coldly. Nate hesutated but took a step toward Coraline and started to hand her the papers. Skylar watched her. Her grip over the trigger never loosened and she never took her eyes off of Nate. Although, that still wasn't enough. Nate grabbed her gun and tore it from her hands. Caroline recoiled back and started to rub one of her rists.

"That's just pathetic. Now why don't you just slowly walk out before anyone get's hurt." Caroline didn't move. Nate swiveled the gun over to Skylar and aimed at him. "Do you want hime to die?" he asked slowly tightening his grip on the trigger. Skylars chest pounded in his ears. He didn't know if Nate would actually shoot him. He wouldn't put it past him but still.

"Dumbass," Caroline spat. Nate whipped the gun around at her and pulled the trigger without any hesitation. There was a long hiss of escaping gases before Nate's face twisted in fury and he chucked the gun straight at Caroline who caught it with ease. "You just wasted my cartridge," she said and pulled back on something until it clicked. She caught a metal cylinder that fell out and expertly replaced it with a different one from her pocket. She fiddled with it again and Skylar heard another click. She aimed it at Nate. "Give me the papers," her voice dripped ice.

"No. I don't want to. Why are you so desperate to have these back anyways?"

"I'll give you three more seconds." Caroline changed her grip on the gun. "One... Two," her finger moved up and started to pull something down. "Three." A loud bang echoed in Skylar's ears and Nate dropped to the floor.

"You f***in shot him," Skylar said in disbelief.

"Yeah, so? He's pathetic if he can't take a rubber bullet."

"You can't just shoot people. Regardless of what kind of bullet you use. Why the hell do you even have that?" Skylar continued.

"You probably don't wanna know. Besided its just a CA pistol," she said and walked over to Nate and kicked the papers out of his hands. "Didn't I tell you to keep these safe?"

"They were hidden under my bed. Wait, why the hell are you here in the first place?"

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" she asked.

Skylar glanced at the clock. "Holy shit." he said.

"Yeah, I waited for a half hour before coming to find you."

"Sorry," Skylar offered.

"Now, are you going to come with me or stay here?" she asked in a calmer voice than before.

"You mean go with you to the TACR?"

"No shit Sherlock."

"I'll try it," he said.

"Alright, get your stuff ready. We'll have you out of this horrible place by tonight."

"That soon?" he asked having a hard time believing they could just take him out like that.

"Yes, Sky. I don't think you'd even survive another night here," she said.

"My names Skylar."

"Whatever. Meet me down by the entrance in an hour. Bring all your stuff." She hustled out of the room. Skylar glanced down at Nate who had somehow passed out. Caroline was right. He was pathetic.

His bag was heavy as he carried it down to the entrance. He didn't own much anymore. Just his clothes and a couple of old games. He found Caroline waiting for him.

She walked up to him and held out her hand.

"What?" asked Skylar confused.

"Gimme your stuff."

"I can carry it," he said not wanting to look weak.

"Suit yourself," Caroline walked out of the building and Skylar followed. She led him up to a car.

"Umm... Can you drive?" he asked hesitantly.

"Umm... Yeah." She said it like it was obvious and snatched his bag. "Get in." Skylar followed her orders and slipped into the passenger seat. Caroline got into the drivers seat and turned the key. The engine rumbled and she pulled out. He was going to the Agency. Hopefully far, far away from the life he would've had.

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