It was a Saturday night in Los Angeles. The vast sky was dark and clear, except for the colossal, full moon that brightened and illuminated the dark blue sky. The night was chillier than earlier in the day on this November night.

The bourgeois and the sumptuous from all ethnicities were dressed in fine, elegant, formal clothing. A smile gracing their lips as the women were escorted into an extravagant and adorned ballroom that was embellished with expensive decorates. It was a grand ballroom, very spacious that had two spiral stairs leading up to a second floor with many rooms.

A young woman, in her mid-twenties, walked into the ballroom; her long, pleaser, black patent, stiletto heels made "clomping " sounds with each step she took. Her long, back length, curly, dark brown hair swayed with her every movement. Her tight, red dress with small, black frills at the hem embraced every curves her body had, along with her plump, round behind and noticeable cleavage. Her thick lips painted with red married a small smirk as she noticed she was the center of attention, mostly from the male audience. Her hazel eyes searched around through her Venetian masquerade mask that rested on her nose. The young woman sat on a stool at the bar located to the left of the entrance; she crossed her right leg over her left knee, pulling down the hem of her dress that rose up with her gloved hand. She flipped some of her brown behind her ear as she inspected the room thoroughly. The florescent lightings from the bar laminated her bronze colored skin.

"What may I get for you, Miss?" asked a Hispanic bartender about her age in his heavy accent.

"I'll have a Bahama Mama." The young woman smiled sincerely at the bartender.

"Coming right up", he tells her walking away to fix her drink.

The young woman fixated her attention back to observing the ballroom. There were two guards at the front and back entrances. CEO of Marco Business Industry, Marco Druitt Ⅳ stood at the back entrance talking to a detective.

"Looks like Mr. Druitt is worked up about something. I wonder what it could be." She mumbled to herself, smirking slightly.

"Here's your drink, Miss," came the bartender as he slid her drink across the table.

The young woman caught the drink in her hand, not taking her eyes away from the ballroom and the guests. She turned towards the young bartender and smiled again.

"Call me, Aalinah." She introduced herself.

"What a beautiful name." The young bartender complimented her, before going back to his other orders.

"Thank you," she simply replied, before taking a sip of her drink.

The lights around the ballroom dimmed as music started playing, allowing the guests to pair up and dance.

Aalinah continued with her drink, watching everyone dance, not really interested in joining. That is, until the young detective she saw earlier, promenaded through the crowd towards her. She ceased her drinking and licked away some of the alcohol off of her lips.

"What do I owe this pleasant visit, detective? You aren't here to arrest me, now are you?" She asked in a seductive tone as he sat in the stool beside her on her right.

The young detective's thin lips grinned as his mouth emitted a chuckle.

"Have you done anything naughty lately?" He asked her, flirtatiously.

"Maybe, perhaps I can show you what naughty things I have been up to?" She joked.

"I don't mind", he said, joking also.

"May I ask someone as beautiful as you, your name?"

"You can call me Tianna."

"I'm called Detective Brian."

"So, what is a handsome detective, such as yourself, doing here?"

"Apparently, Mr. Druitt got a threatening letter the night, before last."

"That's horrible." Aalinah gasped.

"Yeah and it wasn't just that. Mr. Druitt's mansion was ransacked and all of his pets were slaughtered."

"My God, do you know who did it?"

"Not yet, that's why I am here. The culprit said in his letter that he was planning on visiting Mr. Druitt tonight at his party."

"I sure hope no one gets hurt."

"That's what we are here for Tianna, to protect you and the rest of the civilians."

"I feel safer already." Aalinah finished her drink.

Detective Brian stood up from the stool he sat on, making it twirl around.

"How about we dance?" He asked Aalinah, holding out his fair hand.

Aalinah smiled warmly as she took his milky colored hand with her cocoa colored one. Detective Brian pulled her up to her feet. Without taking his gaze from hers, Brian led Aalinah to the center of the dance floor; just as a slow song began to play. He embraced her petite waist with his dominant hand and held onto one of hers with his other free hand. Aalinah lightly placed her right hand on his shoulder, still gazing into his deep, brown sugar eyes. Detective Brian started leading as he slowly danced with Aalinah following.

"So, what do you do for a living?" He asked her, trying to get to know her better.

"I'm a surgeon."

"Really, then how do you know Mr. Druitt?" He asked her, spinning her out, before spinning her back.

"My father used to work for him and was close friends with him."


"Yeah, my father was terminally ill and died last year."

"I'm so sorry for your loss."

"It's alright; he was a great father and will forever be in my memories."

"How sweet, do you have any siblings?"

"Nope, I was born an only child."

"You must have been lonely. Do you have anyone in your life, romantically?"

"Most guys would have asked if I had a boyfriend." She chuckled as she embraced both of her arms around his neck.

"Well, now and days, you just gotta ask. You never know, until you do."

"Well, I am straight, but I don't have anyone in my life, romantically."

"How am I so far?"

"You're doing pretty well. You're getting up at the top of my list."

"Enough with asking me questions. It's your turn. Tell me about yourself."

"I'm not all that interesting, but I will give it a shot." He smiled and embraced Aalinah's waist.

"My name is Brian Carter, I am a detective for the L.A.P.D. 18th precinct. I graduated college with a Master's in Criminal Justice. I have a younger sister and brother, who are fraternal twins and just started college. I am single, but I am recently divorced with a five year old daughter named Catherine, who is the light of my life. My favorite color is red and I am sensitive and enjoy long, moonlight walks on the beach." He joked at the last part.

Aalinah laughed at the last comment, making him do the same.

"You seem like a very interesting man, Mr. Carter. Your ex-wife was a foolish woman to divorce you."

"Tell her and my mother that." Brian chuckled.

"She's over there, glaring at you, right now."

Aalinah blinked in confusion for a second, before looking behind her to see a tall, blonde woman glaring intensively at her as she danced with a tall, thick boned, older man. Aalinah cackled and smirked as she turned her attention back to Brian.

"It seems like she's jealous of us. How about we give her something to be jealous about?" Aalinah whispered closely into his ear.

"What exactly did you have in mind?" Brian grinned.

"Just follow my lead." She whispered to him again, making his body shiver with excitement.

Another, different song started playing, allowing both Brian and Aalinah to jump up and down to the beat of the music. They held both of each other's hands, grinning at one another. Brian lifted Aalinah right arm in the air, allowing her to spin; her back was leaning against his chest. Her head was turned to the side, both of their lips close enough to make contact. Aalinah turned her head back towards the blonde and smirked at her, making her glare harsher towards the woman. Aalinah slowly, knelt down wiggling her hips against Brian's body as it traveled south; she stopped when her behind touched the ground, legs apart slightly and both knees bent. Detective Brian was turned on by Aalinah's dancing moves as he exhaled his breath, trying to calm himself down, shaking his head from side to side; his lips were smirking at Aalinah. He grabbed the both of her hands and pulled her up slowly, her body sliding up against his, until she stood upright, both of her arms spread to the side. Brian leaned his face to her neck and sent light kisses up and down the right side. Aalinah turned her head to him as Brian parted from her neck, looking like they were about to kiss. Brian twirled her around quickly by using her hands; their faces were inches apart. He held her back with his dominant hand and leaned her back and twirled her body, clockwise, until she came back; her long hair flipping back. Aalinah took a step forward, making Brian take a step back. He twirled her around again and spun her out; Aalinah stretched out her free hand, before she was spun back into Brian's chest quickly. Brian held her leg up, having Aalinah balance herself on one foot as she leaned back again. His hands traveled up the curves of her body as she slowly leaned back up. Though this was supposed to be a game, Brian was turned on more and more with every move. He pulled both of her hands above her head as she leaned her face into Brian's. Just as her lips was about to capture his, Brian turned her around quickly, her body pressed up against his tightly. Aalinah turned her head to the side as Brian entwined his hands with her. He slowly had both of her hands graze down the front of her body. He had let her hands go when they could no longer go further down, allowing them to embrace around his neck; Brian held her waist tightly, once again. Brian leaned his face towards Aalinah's and captured her lips lightly, just as the song ended. Aalinah turned her whole body around and deepened the kiss.

"Ahem", someone cleared their throat.

Aalinah and Brian parted slowly from one another's lips; both of their lips were smirking, slightly. Aalinah turned around and took a step back, leaning on his shoulder.

"May we help you?" Aalinah asked the blonde woman.

"What do you want Kristen?" Brian asked in a bored tone.

"I would like to speak to him alone." She looked at Aalinah.

Aalinah grinned and stayed where she was.

"I don't have to go anywhere."

"Excuse me, who are you, anyways?" Kristen asked, getting irritated.

Aalinah was about to reply, until Brian stepped in.

"Kristen, stop. Anything you have to say, you can in front of Tianna. We're over. You divorced me remember? I'm with Tianna, now." Brian told her calmly.

"Her? Are you serious? She's the best you can do, after me? That's pretty pathetic." Kristen scoffed, smirking at Aalinah.

Aalinah only grinned more, glaring maliciously at her, until she decided to speak up.

"Is that the best insult you can shoot at me with? Hun, please, listen and you listen closely. Brian doesn't want anything to do with you. Now turn around and go back to your sugar daddy. Do what you do best, babe and lay on your back and spread your legs widely."

"Hold on a minute! Hell no, I'm not going to take from a woman like you!" Kristen yelled.

"What honey, African-American? You ain't got nothing on me, sweetie."

"The only reason you want to talk to him is because your sugar daddy ran out of Viagra, so can't pretend to pleasure you and ran out of money, spending it on white, stank ass."


"Let's not forget about wanting him to be miserable without you and trying to make any women, who get close to him, disappear."

"Excuse me?" Kristen asked nervously.

"I know your type, baby. Your type haunts my past." Aalinah told her with a serious expression.

"Does your family know about you being with someone like her?" She asked Brian.

"Honey, I'm standing right here, I can understand everything you say. I'm Black, hun. Say that."

"Kristen, I'm a grown ass man. I don't have to listen to anything my family says anymore. They can't tell me who I can be with. They lost that privilege the moment I moved out of their house and got my own place. Besides, in my eyes, Tianna will always be more of a woman than you'll ever be. Now, leave me and Catherine alone. I want nothing to with you anymore and neither does MY daughter." Brian spited and snapped at Kristen, emphasizing the word "my".

Kristen huffed and glared at the two of them, before turning on her heels, smacking her blonde hair in Brian's face and stomping back over to the man she was with.

Brian inhaled a deep sigh and exhaled it.

"That woman drives me crazy. Every women I tried to date, since our divorce, she would drive them away. I thought it was because of me, but in reality it was her interfering. All I wanted was to find a suitable wife and mother for Catherine." He sighed, rubbing his temples.

"What exactly is the suitable wife and mother for your daughter?" Aalinah asked, curiously.

"Don't laugh at me, but I want a beautiful, confident, exuberant woman, who has a successful occupation and loves children, even if it's not her own. She has to be sexy and exciting. She has to want to love me unconditionally, like I would love her, but only me. She has to want to make love to me only."

"That sounds like a wonderful wife." Aalinah told him.

"That's all I ever wanted."

"There's nothing wrong with that. I'm sure there's a woman like that out there."

"What about you?" Brian asked her, turning towards her direction.

"I can tell you this now, I am far from being wifey material and for many reasons I can't tell you."

Unfortunately for you, I am not the one." She smirked mischievously.

Brian grinned at her.

How would I know, unless we go out? I want to see for myself if you are or not wife material for me."

Aalinah said nothing, but instead chuckled and shook her head from side to side.

All of the lights were then turned off as the clock struck midnight. It made some of the guests alarmed, but then a large cake was rolled onto the stage with bright, sparkling candles.

Aalinah stared at the clock as its chime echoed throughout the ballroom. She looked back at Brian, noticing he was too fixated on what was going on the stage. She slowly backed away from him and disappeared into the pushing crowd.

"Happy Sixty-fifth birthday!" yelled the crow in unison.

Marco Druitt grinned and laughed as he blew out his candles; enveloping the room in complete darkness for a moment. When the lights were turned back on, Marco was gone. Everyone gasped, looked around and mumbled amongst their peers. Detective Brian bit on his bottom lip anxiously as he took out his phone.

"Anything happening with you?" He asked the guards at the front entrance.

"Nope", said one of them.

"All clear", answered the other.

"What about you guys?" He asked the guards at the back entrance.

"There's nothing here, sir"

"Fuck, then the culprit was already inside the building." He murmured.

He started looking around to notice Aalinah was missing.

"Oh shit, he got her too."


Marco was in one of their storage rooms in a separate building. His back was leaned up against large boxes stacked upright on top of one another; he sat in Indian style. Both of his arms were chained behind him. A long white scarf was tied around his mouth and his jawline. His pale face was sweaty, making his moustache wet with perspiration. His protruding pot belly moved up and down staggered. Marco was forced to stare up at a young woman in dread and horror. She wore a creepy looking mask to hide her identity. It covered all of her face. It was a Japanese Hannya mask that is usually used in Japanese rituals in Noh theatre. It was oval shaped, colorful and had two long horns at the top of it. The young woman wore a revealing outfit, not fit for the November weather. It was a tight, black thin strapped tank top that stopped just at her abdomen, so her stomach was shown. She had worn worn out blue jean shorts with holes in them and string hanging from the hem.

The woman stared down at Marco, her emotionless expression hidden from behind the mask. She lifted up her right hand, which held a tape recorder.

"Who are you?" Marco asked, trying to sound courageous, but his body trembled.

The woman's thumb pressed down and held the top button.

"I am your worst nightmare," said the dark, monotone voice.

"Why are you doing this?"

The woman held down the button again.

"You know why; think of a young boy who died recently and think of that family..."

Marco widened his eyes.


"The bomb my gorgeous and extraordinary accomplice made will go off, bringing down this whole building with it."

"Don't worry; you will be alive when that happens. My assistant is well, let's just say she is an expert at cutting open the human body, safely. You'll be donating a certain important organ to our organization."

"You have only fifteen minutes. Have fun Senior Druitt."

Now all that could be heard was static coming from the recorder. The woman threw the recorder at Marco, having it land in his lap. He looked up at her with pleading eyes.

"Please, I am begging you, don't do this."

The woman ignored Marco's begging and held up a butcher's knife as she knelt down to his level.

"Money, I got plenty of money. How much do you want?"

The woman set the knife down on the hard, tile floor and smacked him with her fist dead in his face, telling him to shut up, angrily. She unfolded a cloth on the floor and prepared a long needle. Marco watched with fright mixed with curiosity, wondering what it would do to him. The young woman lifted the needle to her eye level, pushing the bottom of the needle, making some of the liquid squirt out.

"What is that?" Marco asked.

She forced his head to the side and jabbed the needle in the right side of his neck. Marco grunted in pain, flinching his face, before quickly calming down relaxing, falling into unconsciousness as the woman injected the drug into his system.

"Who are you?" He mumbled.

"Aria Bettina." She answered him in a quiet tone.

Marco was then knocked out cold.

Aria took off his jacket and unbuttoned his white shirt, throwing both to the side. She grabbed the knife and innocuously incision his stomach open. She carefully snipped out his left kidney and placed the organ in a color filled with ice and other organs, before closing the lid. She sewed up his stomach and cleaned up his wounds, so it could stop bleeding and won't get infected. She cleaned up the blood and bleached the floor, before washing it with soap and water. She grabbed Marco's body and dragged him, slowly and struggling, grunting in the process as she pulled him into he tub filled with ice. She stretched out his arms and leg, so that they were comfortable. She then turned on the bomb's timer.

She walked towards the window, carrying the cooler in her right hand and jumped out it with ease, so she could go and hide the container in the trunk of vehicle and meet up with the other accomplice.

"Alright, listen up! My men are going to lead you out to safety! I want a calm, single, file line out the front entrance. Move it!" Brian yelled and demanded.

"I am going to try and find Tianna and Mr. Druitt."

"Move out!" Brian demanded as he ran up to the second story of the building. He held out his gun and aimed it at every room he forced himself into.

A tall, slender wearing a Chinese mask stood by a black Mercedes, waiting for Aria to come. Aria came running up to the car, parked far in the back and away from the building.

"Did you follow the boss's orders?" asked the man in his strong, Mexican accent.

Aria nodded her answer to him and handed him the cooler.

"Good, now let's get out of here. I don't want to go out with building." He said, placing the cooler in the trunk of the car and slamming it shut.

"No, I can't. I have to stay."

"Wait, why?"

"Alibi", Aria simply told him, quietly, before taking out her previous clothes from the black bag, her accomplice took with him.

She stuffed the bag in the back seat, before shutting the car door. She quickly dressed in her dress and placed the mask back on her face, all while he said "Wait, Imogen, you and I both know your bombs are too complicated to diffuse".

She turned her back to him and said "Trust me, Julio", widening her eyes, slightly to be called by her real name, but it couldn't be seen through the mask.

"Be careful". He demands her, before opening the drive's car door and getting into it, sitting in the seat. He started the ignition and buckled up.

Imogen ran back towards the ballroom, making sure not to be seen. Julio gave her one last glance through the rear view mirror, before driving away.

Brian had busted down all the doors he could find inside the building. He bit on his bottom lip anxiously.

"Where are you damnit!?" He growled furiously, until something caught his eye.

A door was wide open and moving back and forth in the wind. Brian walked towards it, eying it suspiciously. His gun was raised up in alarm and protectively. He kicked the door wider, pointing his gun in all directions, before lowering it. He heaved out another sigh and leaned against the door frame.

"Shit…." He mumbled in aggravation.

"Where are you, Mr. Druitt?" He asked no one in particular as he searched around frantically, until he spotted a separate storage building, beside the grand ballroom.

In the window, he could see Druitt in the tub and Tianna tied up and bound, lying unconscious on the floor.

"Tianna, Druitt! I finally found you!"

Tianna slowly opened her hazel eyes to the call of her name. She couldn't see, since her vision was hazy, but it only lasted for a moment, before it cleared up.

"Huh, what happened? Where am I?" She asked as she looked around her surroundings and then up at Brian.

"I was hoping you could tell me that."

Tianna shook her head.

"I'm sorry", she apologized, "My memory isn't clear".

It was Brian's turn to shake his head.

"It's alright, as long as you're okay and unharmed." He smiled at her.

Tianna smiled back, before noticing Mr. Druitt in the tub.

"Oh God, Mr. Druitt!" she yelled, trying to move her limbs, but to no avail.

She looked down at herself to notice that the both of her wrists were taped together behind her back and her legs were tied together with rope. Brian knelt down to her level to try and untie her, but she smacked his hand away.

"Don't worry about me, go to Mr. Druitt!" She yelled at him.

Brian flinched to her yelling and smacking, before nodding his head and scurrying over to Mr. Druitt.

Tianna leaned her face to her chest and pulled out her switchblade with her teeth. She pushed it open and wiggled and moved her body around, until she sat up straight against a nearby wall.

She started with her ankles and used the teeth to make the switchblade cut through the tape binding her; it didn't take long nor did it take a lot of effort, since the tape was thin. Whoever tied her up didn't do a very good job.

"Yes!" She grinned as she started moving her feet around freely.

She planted both of her on the ground and slid up on the wall, so that she stood up straight, but still had her back leaned against it. She turned herself around and stuck the switchblade between two thick pipes, making sure it was wedged in there tightly. She gulped as she turned her back towards the wall; a bead of sweat trickled down her face as she lifted up her tied wrists and rubbed the rope against the sharp part of the blade. This took a lot more effort and time to cut, since the rope was of good quality and thick. She concentrated heavily on trying to cut it apart, her teeth biting down on her bottom lip as her furrowed.

"Come on…" She murmured to herself and smiled when she heard a "snapping" sound.


She moved her arms around freely. She looked over at Brian to see he was still inspecting Druitt, until he caught her gaze and widened his eyes.

"How the hell did you get out so fast?" He asked her, dumbfounded.

Tianna smirked at him as she popped her right shoulder.

"Let's just say, I know how to handle myself." She winked at him, grinning, until she a steady ticking sound rang in her ears.

Tianna frowned as she began to search around for the source of the sound.

"Uh, Brian, I think there's something you should see."

Brian looked up from Mr. Druitt and over at her, before walking over to her.

"What is it?" He asked, stopping in his tracks.

"Fuck, it's a bomb." Brian spat.

"You don't know how to diffuse a bomb, do you?" He asked Tianna, looking at her.

"Of course not, I am only a simple surgeon." She stared at the bomb in horror, her body trembling.

"It's alright, I was trained for this." He says as he gulped and bent down to the level of the bomb and inspected it.

"Damn, whoever made this bomb was a genius. This is different from the ones I usually deal with. It has a complicated structure, but I think I can diffuse it."

Tianna held back a smirk as she nodded her head.

"If we do die here, can I at least see your face?" Brian asked, not taking his gaze from the bomb.

Tianna stared at him.

"You can, plus have a date with me if you diffuse the bomb." She winked at him, throwing him her switchblade.

Brian chuckled, catching the blade and focused his attention back to the bomb.

"Deal toots", he says, "Could you help Mr. Druitt. It seems that the culprit took an organ from him. I believe it was a kidney, his left one. I want to make sure he is still okay." Brian says, beginning to work on the bomb.

"Got ya", she nods her head and walks over to the tub Druitt lied in and inspected him.

"You're right, the culprit cut out Mr. Druitt's left kidney and sewed him back up. He did this all professionally. He made sure he wouldn't die from the sudden surgery." She says, still inspecting him.

"It seems also a drug was shot into his veins."

"What makes you think that?"

"There's a small puncture wound in the crook of his neck, exactly over the external jugular vein, where the incision was made. I'd say, maybe by a needle. It could just be anesthesia, so he wouldn't be in agony for when his kidney was being removed."

"It's almost as though the culprit is a surgeon." Tianna pointed out, still observing Druitt.

Brian looked up and stared at her.

"A surgeon, huh? Just like Tianna." He thought, but shaking away the thought and going back to the bomb.

"Later, now I have to focus on this."

"Shit, two minutes left."

Tianna checked for a pulse in his wrist to barely feel it, pulsating. She glared down at him and bit on her bottom lips.

"What would it take for me to kill you?" She thought.

She glanced over at Brian, making sure he was still occupied with the bomb and when she noticed he was, she quickly and silently took out a needle from her dress that was filled with a toxic drub called Atroquinine. She glared more harshly at Druitt, before stabbing the needle in the exact same spot as the previous puncture hole and injected the entire drug into his veins. Druitt's face flinched and scrunched up, before relaxing. Tianna checked his pulse again to no longer find it and sighed in relief.

The needle in her hands was shot out of it, making Tianna growl loudly. She held that bleeding hand with her other and glared over at Brian.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" She screamed at him.

"You're the culprit, aren't you, Tianna?" He asked, making her widen her eyes.

"I thought you were fixated on the bomb." She breathed heavily through her mouth as she still held her hand; her face was sweating more.

"I figured it out. You had an accomplice to help you kidnap Mr. Druitt and he was on stage with him, before the lights went off. You disappeared from the crowd, while I was distracted. I don't know how you guys did it, but you managed to escape with him in a moment. You already had the bomb set up beforehand, so all you had to do was bound him and cut out his kidney."

"That's all circumstantial, Detective." Tianna smirked at him.

"I saw you inject Mr. Druitt with that drug. It instantly killed him, didn't it?"

Tianna scoffed and laughed loudly.

"Alright, I did it. You caught me, Mr. Detective. I'm the one who ransacked Mr. Druitt's mansion and murdered his pets. I left that threatening note and set up the bomb and killed Mr. Druitt. So what now? Are you going to arrest me?" She asked, having both of her arms raised above her head.

"First, answer me this, why?" I thought Mr. Druitt was a family friend?"

"Babe that was a story I came up with. I don't know my real family. I was ordered to kill him."

"By who?"

It's confidential."

"Was everything that happened between us a lie and all just acting?"

"No, I'm really a surgeon, but not a much known one. I'm not your ordinary one either."

"What else?"

"The chemistry we shared on the dance floor that was real." She told him with a serious tone.

"Then turn yourself in. If you spill everything, you'll lessen your charges."

"No, I'm not a fool. Besides, I will never betray the one who raised me."

"I'm sorry, but this where we say our goodbyes."

"Oh no you don't!" Brian yells as he was about to charge at her, but was stopped.

"I would focus on that bomb. You have about thirty seconds left. Farewell." Tianna says.

A smoke bomb slid down from her arm gloves, allowing her to throw it on the ground and making her escape, simple.

Brian groaned as he covered his eyes from the thick smoke, screaming "damnit!" before glancing at the bomb hat read ten seconds. Brian didn't hesitate to quickly jump out of the nearest window just as the bomb went off.

He landed on the ground; he was lying on his stomach, covering himself from the debris that scattered everywhere from the explosion. He opened his eyes and rolled over on his back, staring at the flamed ballroom.

He thought about Tianna as he listened to the cackling of the burning bricks and wood, watching the blazing flames roar as it tried to touch the night sky.

"Tianna…."He mumbled, before slowly standing up and groaning just as the fire department, paramedics and his police department arrived to the scene.

He denied any medical help as he limped over to where he parked his car.

He slammed the car door shut, after sitting in the driver's seat, pounding on the steering wheel.

"Damnit! I failed to protect my client and failed miserably to apprehend the culprit. I got too distracted. I'm ashamed of the way I behaved and how I failed my mission."

"Who is Tianna, really? What is her real identity and who does she work for?" He thought out loud, before starting the ignition and driving off home to his daughter.