So, here is another poem. I must say I come up with them rather suddenly, and at the most inappropriate times. Well, this poem is something I came up with while reading jm1681's fanfiction 'Friends with Benefits'. Enjoy.


Give me a reason why,

Tell me how to breathe.

I don't remember you,

I can't seem to see.

The darkness is too much,

A light in my vision,

I can't seem to reach,

But I always see.

Reaching out to your face,

A face in my mind.

I don't remember you,

But I can see your smile.

A smile so warm and soft,

I see when I close my eyes.

I don't know who you are,

But it fills me up with life.

Why do you reach for me,

What makes you breathe for me.

You say you'll save my soul,

Please let me be.

I'm afraid of the warmth,

I can't understand.

The light hurts my eyes,

You slip away like sand.

It hurts so bad, I want to scream,

But you hold me close to you.

It feels so cold, I want to sleep,

Please let me be.

A soft rhythm, over my heart,

I can hear your voice,

"Please don't go,

Stay with me."

A soft mouth against my own,

Teaching me to breathe.

A hand that reaches out to me,

Teaching me to walk.

And leads me to the light,

Away from the dark.

I know who you are now,

I remember your smile,

As you weep against my chest,

Unaware, you just brought me back to life.

I am in love with Trading Yesterday.