(You Taste Like) Freedom (To Me)


Brush aside my hair

As a biting sting occupies my mind

Eyes dart about trying to catch mine

Prattle on about nonsense

Defending my honor and suspension

I don't condone violence

But we both know I've got a nasty jab

A wicked right hook

And a nasty kick to boot

I could tell the story of our boxing match

In your dad's garage

Just the three of us

And a few old rules

How I knocked you out in a single bout

Your dad helped you up and I shook your hand

He said maybe I should be teaching you

But I don't tell it

Don't even hint at it

You could tell the story of my meltdown

How the stress and obligations

Just got to me

How I snapped at everyone until I just


And broke down crying in hysterics

In the day and in the night

Until you pulled me back from the brink

But you don't mention it

In public or in private

And I touch your hair

And you touch my face

I take in your scent

Study your shape

You reach out slowly


You know how I am

Brush back my hair

And take one of my hands

Graze my new piercings

Feel me jolt

I almost lean in

But you do it first

Mold with me a new landscape

Paint the sky maroon

Study the stars of explosion

Pulling away is like kissing a rose

But you do it anyway

Trace my bottom lip with your thumb

Look at your world with glazed over eyes

I would pull you back in

But I'm too busy framing it all

In my picture perfect mind

And cherishing it in my detail oriented heart

Felling it again with my freedom loving soul

And honey, you taste just like freedom to me.