Chapter 1

I woke up feeling miserable again my head full of sweat, I ate my breakfast alone because mom and dad is still sleeping well it's still early like 12midnight. These days whenever I woke up there's always sweat at my head but I didn't remember having a nightmare mom said that it was a premonition. After eating breakfast I went to my room, unable to sleep I got my teddy bear a yellow one with a big upward ears like a demon but for me it's quite cute every time I am unable to sleep I always hug that bear tightly it was the only one who can comfort me I wish to give it a life so it could accompany me and talk to me. I slept hugging the bear tightly on the window with the moonlight shining.

"Carmaine, wake up it's already 6, time for your school or you'll be late."

I woke up feeling perfectly ok not like other days. Maybe it's because of the bear I thought. I went down after I took a bath.

"Mom, I decided to call the bear you got me the yellow one Rin isn't that name cute? And also I'm perfectly okay today"

"oh yes it's certainly cute and I got something for you today to congratulate you that you didn't feel miserable today I had been waiting for this day," She answered witha smile on her face

"What is it?"

"Give me your hand" she said putting her hand on her purse

I gave her my hand and she put a bracelet almost every part it had the face of Rin.

"Thanks mom, how did you find that kind of thing?" I asked feeling so happy

"oh your dad made someone to do it because he thinks that you always hugged it tightly but I was wondering why did you just give it a name now and not when we gave it to you?"

I finished eating bacon and fried rice and before I said that I am going I thanked my dad and went out for school, I don't know why but I just don't want to answer that question. I arrived at school and someone put her hand on my shoulder I almost tripped, I look at her.

"Erine could you please stop that, I almost tripped you know?"

"sorry about that, but Ayane said she noticed someone on junior level and said that he is going to start coming to school today he is the son of the famous Kuhouin " she pointed beside me Ayane who is simply standing like imagining things.

We went in the classroom, Ayane started to talk to us. We started to talk things about the new transferee. And the teacher went in, we went back to our seats and started listening to him. My head started to hurt again after the teacher went out Erine came to me and before I know it everything is black and my eyelids closed by itself.

I woke up in a place a very familiar one, infirmary I thought . The door opened and it was Ayane and Erine.

"Seriously Carmaine, what is happening to you these days always fainting" Ayane asked with a worried face

"I'm fine, just need to rest" I answered

The bell rang.

"guess you two need to go now" I said to them

And they went out, I slept again and when I woke up again feeling miserable sweats on my head, I look at the table where the teacher always sat she wasn't there anymore and I look at the window and I saw that it was already evening. I hurriedly fix myself and went to gate but before I jump on the gate, I saw a person sleeping on the bench, I went to that person and saw that it was a he. I called him as hey well I don't even know his name but there's one thing I was sure of he is one of the student of Tennzo Academy which is here then again I felt the dizziness of my head again and I fainted again.

I felt a pain in my hand, blood dripping and it feels as someone is drinking it. I opened my eyes I was covered in the shadow of the tree I saw him drinking my blood on my hand where I think he must be the one who did it he hurt my hand or rather slashed my hand with his dagger beside him.

"What exactly are you doing student? Drinking my blood? Are you some kind of vampire on a movie?" I asked full of amused on my eyes.

"Oh, you're awake I didn't thought that you would be wake up for I already consumed much of your blood and hurt you with kuhouin dagger most of people that I had hurt with that dagger had a straight death, it seems you will eventually going to have a duty now that I hurt you with that dagger and I gave you some of my blood which is poisonous enough that can also kill people, you will eventually become my servant." He said laughing

"so you're the son of the famous kohouin?"

"yes, I am" he answered with a smirk on his face and I felt he brought me to my house in my room and he left a bottle of red wine "be sure to drink it or else you will die and felt the pain of my blood and drink this my blood and you will surely not feel the miserable pain you got like right now" He went out using the window where the moonlight is showing.

Was I lucky to meet him? Or will this had a bad effect on my future? Aww I thought to myself, my hand hurts where he slashed it using his dagger and drank my blood I reached the bottle he left and drank it while holding Rin, I sat at the space that can be sat beside the window that shows the moonlight and I drank there and emptied it because it was so delicious and I can't stop myself from drinking it and eventually I fell asleep with Rin beside me.

I woke up feeling the normal me, I look beside me where the window is where now it shows the sunlight. It's the first time I ever appreciated the sunlight because I always like the moon and never the sun. I raised my hand where it was slashed it was perfectly ok now but I examined it more unable to believe and saw that there was a small scar on my palm I examined it seriously and I saw a letter it was K. I saw the bracelet that dad tried so hard to get I smiled to how I am so lucky having a parents like them and maybe meeting that guy will stop the feeling that I always felt. I went down where I saw mom cooking and dad watching tv on the living room, I sat at the dining chair and put Rin at the table and put my head on it and closed my eyes.

"Carmaine" someone calling me. I opened my eyes and was able to smell the delicious pancake that mom always cook.

"What?"I answered

"Here eat this; it seems you're already well after having to faint at school." She said

"Well, Mom I'm serious I'm perfectly okay today." After I ate, I went back to my room and took a bath I saw the tremendous change in my body the scar I got when I got in an accident is already gone and it felt as if I had become perfect the way I want it to be and always dreamt to happen. I wore the uniform and went out to go to school after saying my farewell to mom and dad.

I arrived at school where Ayane and Erine are waiting me on the gate. I ran to them when I saw them which I don't always do since I started feeling the dizziness. I said to them that now I am perfectly ok but I didn't say the reason to how, well they didn't ask and I don't plan to say it maybe they wil creep out.

"Aine, We saw Kai the son of the famous kuhouin yesterday and he is so deadly awesome and he is always on that tree" Ayane said pointing in the tree where she said he usually sleep, and she added "I talk to him isn't that great?"

"did you already fall in love Ayane?" I asked

"No, I am not I just wanted to talk to someone who is so famous to everyone, why ask that question?"

"just curious" I answered

"Don't tell me you like him don't you Aine?" they teased me

"that's crazy if I were to fall in love" I answered

We walked to the classroom and suddenly everybody is screaming and he, the son of the kuhouin showed up on the hallway, everybody is looking at him, screaming and I barely able to see his face because my classmates is already so compressed and I even excused myself because I want to see his face completely, my face was already at the same line of the slide window well now it's not barely I can completely see his face because of my classmates pushing and everything I felt a pang on my stomach maybe it's because they pushed too much well there's a wall starting on the line of my stomach the upper part is the slide window when I was already out of the crowded people

I said to Ayane and Erine that I am going to get fresh air, I went to the tree where I was lying and relax my head on the lower part of the tree the big branch and I eventually fell asleep without me knowing when I just decided to get fresh air and I felt a hand holding my face.