It was just any other day where my son would climb up a tree and comes back down, but today is very different. I wouldn't let him go a friend's house because of recent gang activity around the area. He seemed a little mad at me, but he's only 8 years old and I don't want him hurt that's all.

"Hon, would you please come down from there before you get hurt?" I asked him as I walked out to the front yard.

I moved with my husband and son to the place I lived way back when I was a teenager. The big tree in the front yard was always there and every day I would try to climb it, but never could reach it. When my son climbed it and was able to get back down; I became shocked.

"Why should I?!" He yelled from the top of the tree "You won't let me go to my friend's house!"

"Jake, I'm only doing it for your safety." I told him, putting my hands together like I'm praying, which I actually am.

"Still I won't come down till I go to my friend's house!" He continued to yell.

I did a loud sigh that caused my son to look at me.

"Fine, I'm not going to argue with you, but you're still not going. If you want to be out here when it's dark then fine by me… don't complain when you're cold."

He just stood there frozen like… 'Did mommy just say that to me?!' I'm about to walk back to the front door when I heard a thump on the ground behind me. I turned around to see it was Jake about to shed a tear.

"How could you say that mommy?" He asked me shedding a tear "Because that's not cool."

"I wanted to you to come down." I got to his eye level and smiled "Instead of going to your friend's why don't we get some ice cream?"

"Really, can we?!" He jumped with excitement

"Sure." I smiled as I went inside to grab the car keys and walked to the car holding my son's hand.

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- Starbin741