I watch you turn your heel from me –

I see you leave and walk away.

It looks like this chapter in my story has finally ended,

And you know what? I can't decide if I'm going to be okay.

During this entire year of my feelings, you have hurt me.

It's been long and difficult, but I still have clung to your side.

You've lifted me up, and torn me down.

I guess you could say that you've took me for a very bumpy ride.

It wasn't all bad, though – that, I cannot lie.

I've had a lot of fun with you, Darling.

Even with my short time with you, it was all definitely worth it.

I had so much changed because of you, it's alarming.

But you seem to have never felt as strongly.

My feelings for you surpassed your feelings for me by a long shot.

I can't blame you for that at all.

You feel what you feel, and that's all you've really got.

I can't be mad at you, and I've cried out all of my tears.

But I cannot say that I have any regrets.

I've done all I really can do now.

Darling, I wish you the best.

There is only one thing I really long for –

Something I wish would happen again.

I want for you to speak to me and act the way you should when you promised me –

"Yes, we can still be friends."