Who Truly are You

Written by: David Vincent

Wondering and pondering,

Thinking and dreaming,

Constantly wishing I knew more about who you are.

Asking Myself over and over,

Constantly unable to respond to my own questions,

It is aggravating, and likely crazy insane,

Even after a trip down memory lane to search the endless archives hidden away in my brain, I find nothing but a single name,

This would belong to none other than you.

Its nearly impossible for me to resist the new found instinct to turn on a computer and Google your name,

But I know that if I do, I will appear to you a stalker, a creep, a freak, maybe even a hopeless and nerdy writer geek.

I can not stop myself from wondering and pondering about who you really are.

Thousands and thousands of questions constantly popping into my head, If I neglect to ask some of them soon my head will explode or drive me murderously insane, it might even cause me to beg a divine being to end my life by striking me down with a bolt of lightning. Since I don't like my options I will have to ask some of these embarrassing questions that are starting to drive me insane.

What inspires you to write passionately in the middle of the night,

While a frightening and intimidating deadline is looming over your head?

What fuels your passionate fire that is your love for writing?

Who supports you when you are incapable of writing due to writer's block,

Or can you resist the effects of writers block?

Is there anyone to support and inspire you, maybe a special guy, or even a writer friend?

Why did you choose the path of a journalist?

It's a strange thing that I find myself barely knowing you yet wanting to know more about who you are and what you like or despise.