Some legends begin in the form of darkness and some begin in the time of morning's but they always end in the time of one's soul this is the legend of the half-moon pack and how it all began.

In the time when man was still young the time were beast controlled the land and the horror of evil came to us all vampire ruled man and the beast as they felt they were more greater and stronger then any creasture that the world would let but then came a time when certin men had evolved from there human form and became one with the great beast and the moon known as the werewolf, there soul's were strong, fast and brave.

But they were unable to control this power as they were still discovering it and could only turn on the night of the full-moon which made the vamp laugh at them and turned them into pure slaves that they used to torture and insult. There mighty kind until one day a group of fearce werewolves that had manage to ecape from these monster blood suckers but these were a unique types they had learn to change not on the full moon but on the night of the half moon and any other time that was at night.

There they came to free their wolf brother with all there might trying to free them from the crulness of the vampire king but all they had on them was their powerful claw and a sword it was unlike anything anyone had seen before as it was created by there mother goddess known as The Great Mother Goddess who had it forged from the the blood and bone from her youngest child Mithros the great war god.

they had a chance agent them and so they attacked it looked like there was even the vampire with there horrible silver and the wolves holding the sun and the sword on their side but in the end with bodie on both side's bloody and riped apart both side realized that their was no way they could defeat each other so they each desided to send in their mightiest warrior's on one side they sent from the half-moon clan their Alpha beo and the other side sent their mighty vampire the king with only their fang's and claw they entered the deadliest battle ether side had seen.

None could hurt the other but in the end the mighty Beo prayed to Weriyn the god of the hunt and asked that the battle would just end so there was no more blood as Beo might have been thirsty for blood could not handle seeing anymore of his clan member die along with his cub and mate.

So Weriyn took pity and used his mighty power to imprison both the king and alpha in time and so their would be no winner and the wolves and vamps left seeing that there was no winner and as they knew the humans became more stronger with their weapon destroyed their temple.

How is this im thinking of a book for it tell me if you got some idea's I should do.