Storm woke up in shock. He twitched his ears and cocked his head to one side. A noise had woken him from outside. What was it? He padded softly out of his basket and went to the glass door.

Someone was shouting in terror. He didn't know who it was, but a rumble was coming from the snowy hills not that far away. As you probably know, dogs have much better sight than us humans. Peering carefully through the glass, his eyes widened in fear. Snow was crashing uncontrollably down the hills. It was an avalanche. Doom was on its way.

Storm barked loudly and woke his sleeping owner.

"What do you want, dog?" she asked, half-awake. Storm whimpered and pawed the glass. The snow was coming nearer by the second. His owner, Issie, heard the snow before she saw it.

"Oh gosh!" She gasped, with a terrified expression on her face. She slid open the glass door and Storm dashed outside like a racing hound. As did his owner. A muffled cry could be heard through the snow.

"Oh no!" Issie gasped. "There's somebody in there!"

"HELP ME, SOMEBODY! PLEASE!" came the voice from under tonnes of snow. Clipping Storm's harness onto him, Issie ran outside and up to the huge pile of white terror. Would they save the person in time?