It had been five years since the day. The day that Storm had saved the young woman. The day that he had risked his own life. He had been declared a hero, and Issie knew it, deep in her heart. The local papers ran the story, and Issie won $1000 because Storm won the Pet Of The Year award. He was a star. he had been featured in the front of many magazines, and the money he made was spent on a new Miniature Schnauzer called Edie, who kept him company. Eventually, they had 8 puppies, Evelyn, Martha, Thunder, Rocky, Eli, Ashon, Lila and Crystal, all of which had different personalities. Evelyn and Martha were quiet, Thunder was cheeky, Rocky and Lila were boisterous, and Eli, Ashon and Crystal were excitable. Everything was good and fun. And as for Storm nowadays? He's doing fine. Being a Dad to 8 little pups has run him down, but he's alright. He doesn't remember the Lifesaver incident, but I'm sure everybody else will...

And that's kind of a wrap! When I say kind of, I mean look out for Lifesaver 2: The puppy years, written by moi and given the writing edits by Storm's owner herself! Yup, Storm is a real Miniature Schnauzer, and I have dedicated this book to him and his owner.

All the best,