I stare at you and I pray for something

but I've never been one to believe in another

and your eyes don't meet mine

and I'm afraid for my life

but you seem perfectly content tonight

I can't seem to meet your gaze

and you've seemed so distant these past few days

I wanted to throw my head back and cry

but the sound was lost in the space between us

I can't seem to find my way back into this world,

and you seem to not notice my absence

I can't help but wonder

if you feel the same.

I can't help myself for wanting to be wanted

even though I should know better than to expect

something so wonderful to exist.

The world was meant to bring people together

but what if I'm not a person,

what then?

I feel like you can't hear me,

or maybe you don't want to

but I'm shouting out anyway,

at the glass wall that separates us two

and I cry

and I cry

for you to hear me

but you turn away.