"I Am Not X" Rosey Mulvey

I am run by words, not numbers

I have not an internal code

My soul is not an equation that can be solved for "x"

I am powered by poetry

I am not alive because my emotions equal a number

I do not love because my heart equals twenty three

I cry in pain because words hurt

This girl does not equal the variable "b"

I am not programmed like a computer

You cannot break down my firewalls with some numbers

You cannot buy my make and model anywhere

My words are all I have

I'm not a fraction of a domain name

Nor an equation to be solved

I am a poem to be read, not explained

Not solved with a paper and pen

My tears do not equal "y"

If you want to know why just ask

My love for another can't be keyed in a computer

My love is a poem for you

My soul cannot be measured with testing

My emotions not solved with a calculator

My dreams cannot be analysed by computers

My self is who I am