Hello! I'm 'Insanity Fuels My Imagination' and this is my first story on FictionPress. I hope you like it, and any views/opinions are welcome (please, no mindless hate!).

And, on with the story…

Chapter 1: Christmas Spirit

I'm walking home after a day at school. It's cold, icy and a little bit of snow is starting to fall from the dark grey clouds above me. I guess you could say that it's starting to look a bit like Christmas- after all, it is only a few weeks away. But as I walk across the road and onto a less busy street, I can't help but think about my lack of Christmas cheer. All of my friends were acting like toddlers- jumping up and down at the first flake of snow, singing Christmas songs and writing Christmas lists at least two A4 pieces of paper long. And these are fifteen and sixteen year olds. I guess it shows what Christmas can do to you.

However, I don't seem to be that excited. I've already written my Christmas list, decorated the house and sent all of my Christmas cards, but I'm not acting like a three year old who just got given tons of candy. I don't know- maybe my Christmas spirit is fine, and my friends just get a little too excited.

I check my watch. 4:30; I should be almost home. Looking up, I realize that I walked straight past the road I was meant to go down and I've ended up in the quieter part of town. Turning around, I go back the way I came, looking out for my road. Suddenly I'm grabbed from behind and pulled into a small, barely noticeable alleyway.

And there we have it! The first, very short chapter of my story. I promise that all my chapters will be longer than this; this chapter is basically me setting the scene. Please follow this story- I'll give you free invisible cookies! :D Oh, and no, she does not get saved by anyone. This is not your average 'guy saves girl in alley' story.

Till next time…

Insanity Fuels My Imagination