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It looked like I had been attacked by a wild animal and three of its claws had scraped the right side of my face.

I sat there, staring at my reflection in shock.

Chapter 5: Bonding Time

I stared and stared at the mirror, not moving, hoping that this was all an elaborate hoax and that this was a fake mirror.

Only, the longer I stared, the more real it became.

"Harper… Harper, can you hear me?"

Lucas' voice cut through my consciousness and pulled me out of my thoughts. I looked round and realized that both him and the doctor were looking at me with concern in their eyes.

"Harper, are you okay? You zoned out for a while." Lucas said.

"Oh… y-yeah, I'm f-f-…"

That's all I managed before I started crying.

Suddenly, Lucas's arms wrapped round me and he held me while I sobbed into his shoulder. The doctor placed the cotton bandages that she had cut out on the table and left.

We sat there for about five minutes. I would have cried for much longer, but the salt in my tears was stinging my cuts too much for me to ignore it.

"Lucas," I sniffled into his shoulder "I-is there any m-more of that l-liquid that the doctor used to clean… m-my cuts?"

"Yeah, why?"

"They're stinging b-because of my t-tears and I want to m-make sure the c-cuts are clean before they're b-bandaged."

"Okay, wait a second."

Lucas unwound himself from me, grabbed the glass bottle and poured some of the clear liquid onto a cotton pad. Before I could protest, he'd started dabbing at my cuts.

I sat perfectly still until Lucas had finished, then started to get up. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down softly, then got out the cotton bandages that the doctor had cut for me.

"You can get up when I've bandaged your face, okay? It'll only take a moment."

I nod and sit there as Lucas gently places each bandage on the cuts and then fastens them in place by putting tape horizontally across the cotton. True to his word, it only takes a few minutes.


"You're welcome. Now, how about I go and ask the doctor whether we can leave and you can freshen yourself up. I'm sure there's a toothbrush round here somewhere to fix up that bad breath." He smirked at me, but quickly ran out of the cubicle when I chucked a pillow at him.



"Serves you right!" His footsteps faded away with his chuckles and I was left alone.

Right, let's see what I can do to this face in five minutes.


About ten minutes later, I stood in front of the bathroom's mirror and looked at my reflection. I had brushed my teeth, washed my face as well as I could while avoiding the bandage, washed my hair over the edge of the bath with the hospital shampoo and dried it using a towel.

My skin looked and felt cleaner, my breath didn't stink and my black hair was no longer glued together with dried blood.

All in all, I thought I looked passable.

"Hey, Harper, are you in there?" Lucas called from the other side of the door.

"Yeah, it's me. Am I allowed to leave yet?"


"Okay, I'll be out in a second."

Taking one last look in the mirror, I pulled on my jacket and unlocked the door. Lucas was waiting outside and grinned when he saw me step out of the bathroom. We started walking, following the 'Exit' signs.

He glanced over at me.

"That's definitely an improvement compared to this morning."

I punched him lightly on the arm.

"Ouch, that hurt. What was that for?" He pouted.

"You basically just called me ugly. In case you didn't know, that's not something a girl wants to hear."

"No, I just said that you looked better than this morning. For all you know, you could have looked stunning this morning."

"Aww, did you really mean that?"

"No, I was just saying that you could have looked stunning. Honestly, I thought you looked terrible."

My glare must have been terrifying because he took off running towards the exit doors, pushing wheelchairs and people out of the way.

Naturally, I chased after him.

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