I'm crazy X3

I am an angel I can fly

I am a fighter I can fight

just one thing that I can't decide

it's what should I be first an angel or a fighter ?

My mom thinks I am crazy

my dad well he thinks I am lazy

in my life there are two thing eating and sleeping

I know I can colour my life my fav green

my friends think i'm an idiot

yea I know i'm pretty much of a dork

eekk they think I got no brains (not fair)

my teachers think i'm slow 'cause I'm always day dreaming

my neighbor's think i'm noisy to which yes they are true

I broke my neighbor's window now is it my fault that the ball went

flying to his window ? I think my ball like his window

then a classmate tore my maths workbook that's another thing that I will always be under debt to him after what he did for me

since I don't like school for that I have some killer excuse

like " mom I got tummy ache " or

" mom I can't find my backpack "

but that's also another thing that my excuses never worked

my life's a complete mess

if only I could hide under my bed

every time I do so I get caught by our pet cat

and she starts licking me …... stupid cat

if only I had an invisibility cloak

I would have used it from some fun

but then I heard a voice outside my window

" hey yuki let's play basketball "

nah I think i'll use that cloak some other day

'cause I got a basketball match today