There I was, the most imaginative and attractive girl in the class, and I wasn't having fun. Hi, I'm Jay. I'm about 15, 5 foot 6, 115 pounds. I have straight, jet black hair with navy blue highlights that just barely touches my shoulders. I have dark brown eyes that draw you into a vortex of thoughts and control if you look to long or too close. I have toasty brown tanned skin. I work in a highly specialized group of Secret Service soldiers, well, they were highly specialized, until about a week ago. Let me tell you what happened before some bozo afraid of the future tells you their lies.

One week ago...

"Hey look, here comes Jay. She looks SO goth in that outfit. Why does she wear all black? Seriously, that was SO last Winter." Kate whispers into May's ear. Kate, May, Sky, and I are the only girls in Mr. Deach's 9th grade honors biology class. Of course, I end up in a biology class with a bunch of teen guys, two preps, and Sky. Jack, Brandon, and Ocean are the main guys. Kate and May are the two preppy girls who are the snobbiest, most stuck up preps you would ever meet, and, out of pure luck, they're in all my classes, honors. The only class I don't have honors in is math.

"Hey Jay, come sit by me!" Sky flashed a rare smile and waved me over. I'd been out on a mission for a while, and that would have put a LOT of pressure on poor Sky. I nodded and hurried over to the empty seat before Mr. Deach started.

"What was it this time?" Sky whispered.

"A poor man with a mental disorder. Lost his memory all the way to the war. He thought it was WWII and he was running around threatning people on how the Natzi's would get them. He had a gun, and explosives, the whole darn weaponry."

"Wow. Must have had connections."

"Yep. Still..."

"Class! Quiet Down!" Mr. Deach's voice interrupted.

"Jay, welcome back. I see your still in one piece. Sky, you will help her catch up, right?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good. Now, we will continue our study of the internal organs." Mr. Deach started his lesson just as the comm in my ear bussed. I whispered as quietly as possible.

"J- You- got to - ou- of sch-! They're coming?"

"Who? Alpha, I didn't recieve transmision. Re-send."

"G-T OUT - THE-!"

I raised my hand.

"Yes Jay?"

"Could Sky and I be excused?" I had my hand on my comm to signal emergancy.

He sighed. "Yes. Take your stuff, class will end soon."

"Thank you si-" My thanks were cut of by the door.

"Don't move." no one breathed except me.

I whispered into my comm. "Code Black, Code Black. Ouyr position has been comprimised."

"Who's that?" they're eyes landed right on me. Mr. Deach couldn't take it.

"It was me!" He jumped and took a small konfu stance.

"Ha, yeah right." He swung at me, I dodged and kicked him in the chin. The next one came at me, so I flipped over the table and kicked his face, then I punched them in the chest.

"Mayda, we have code white! I repeat, code white!"

"Sky! Get them OUT OF HERE! Call the Alarm! GET EVERYONE OUT!" I yelled into our comm over everyone. "I'll deal with these. Seems like no backup for now."

"Damn it! JAY!" I could here her scream of everyone.

"Sky? SKY!" I saw here across the group of scared boys between us. They were using her as bait. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" I vaulted across the group and rolled into their feet. "You ok?" She nodded.

"Let's go." We both jumped up and headed toward the door.

"HEY BOZOS! MISSING SOMETHING?" I waved one of their dogtags at them from across the room. In seconds they advanced. "Go." I whispered. We were out in the hall in half a second flat. We each went different ways, I handed Sky the tags. "Meet on the roof in 400. Be ready." She nodded, then left right. I left left.

"Spread out! I need BOTH of them ALIVE!" I heard them yell. I was so busy running, I didn't see it coming. BANG! I dropped to the floor, everything blurry.

"Got one!" I felt someone pick me up and start to drag me. I used a much energy as I could to get away, but it was useless. "Does she have the tag?"

"No sir."

"Damn it. I'm suprised she was so easy to catch." Then, nothing. The room went dark.