12:04 P.M., November 14th, 2010

Sophie sat in the examination room, scared out of her mind. She didn't want to know, for fear of what the answer might be, but she had to know. What if she was pregnant? She would have to know that, right?

She'd given the urine sample nearly an hour ago. What was taking so long?

She looked down at her hands, trying to tangle themselves together in her lap. She attempted to relax, but ended up yanking on the sleeves of her cardigan nervously.

She'd known that sleeping with that boy, that...that...Brady, was a bad idea. But she'd been so drunk that she'd forgotten her better judgment, and just did it.

She swallowed. How could she have been so stupid? To have sex when she wasn't married, wasn't even in love, was bad enough, but with a stranger? And without protection? Where had her mind gone that night?

When the doctor, a pretty thirty-something blonde thing with thick-framed glasses, stepped into the room, Sophie nearly had a heart attack. She didn't want to hear it, because the look on the doctor's face already gave her her answer.

Her eyes blurred with tears when the woman began with, "Congratulations, Miss Hark, you're pregnant..."